Mutanttikieltä Mutant Language Multimedia Poetry Night goes to Jyväskylä


Mutanttikieltä is an experimental language program created by Sivuvalo project in 2015.

Mutanttikieltä looks to acknowledge the problematic of literary translation as a core subject for writers in times of Diaspora: The right to be listened, the right to be read. Which will be the literary corpus in the following decades, in which languages?◌Poets on stage:

Poets on stage:

Ahmed Zaidan is an Iraqi poet and journalist based at Turku. Ahmed was awarded for two times with a literary price from Mosul University.

Rosamaría Bolom, sculpture, painting, engraving, poetry & performance are some of the means by which Rosamaría explores the boundaries between psychology and art.

Daniel Malpica is a Mexican poet, graphic designer and publisher living at Helsinki. He is currently Sivuvalo´s Producer and Graphic design Coordinator.

Sahar Abdomalekian, Iranian Art educator, designer and poet living at Jyväskylä.

Narrative - Host: Stephany Mazon
Music: Abhisek Nakarmi, Farshad Sanati
Production Designer: Daniel Malpica

Organised by Sivuvalo and Cultural Centre Gloria with teh support of The Arts Promotion Centre Finland (Taike).




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