Exploring Sustainability Under the Midnight Sun - Coming up Res Artis Meeting in Rovaniemi on 18th to 20th of June in 2018


Res Artis is an international association which promotes residential art programs. Image: Res Artis

Next Res Artis meeting Exploring Sustainability under the Midnight Sun will be held in Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland from 18 – 20 June 2018. Meeting will be organized in partnership with the Arts Promotion Centre Finland and the City of Rovaniemi.

This 3-day meeting will address the theme of Residencies and Sustainability from different angles – The sustainability of the arts residencies field; Indigenous aspects; Interdisciplinary residencies; the intersections between curators and residencies; and the concept of ‘ethical tourism’. Questions that will be discussed include: How can residency operators pursue their activities to better meet the principles of sustainability? How can residencies contribute to sustainable regional development? And what is the social and economic impact of residencies?

The event will take place in the remote but culturally dynamic and vibrant Arctic region at the height of the Midnight Sun, offering a topical location for the meeting’s focus on sustainability. Participants from all over the globe are invited to experience the unique environmental arts scene of Northern Finland and learn more about Indigenous aspects to residencies and the need for ethical tourism through the local Sami people.

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Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Regional Office of Lapland
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