Central Arts Council supports multidisciplinary “good speech” project


Rasmus ry esittelemässä toimintaansa Maailma Kylässä -festivaaleilla Helsingin Kaisaniemessä toukokuussa 2018. Kuva:Christian Thibault

The Central Arts Council was awarded a 30,000-euro subsidy to RASMUS ry, which promotes “good speech” in social media and public spaces.

RASMUS ry, an association opposing racism and xenophobia, is coordinating a multidisciplinary and digital project to promote “good speech”. Its partners include Kulttuurikameleontit ry (Cultural Chameleons), Palace and Cultural Network (PACUNET) and Afrofinns ry. At least twenty artists working in different artistic disciplines are expected to participate in the project.

The project will take the form of public flashmob performances, dance and theatre performances, songs and music videos. The contents of the project will be shared in social media and in posters designed for schools, libraries and cultural arenas. The project will utilise the latest technology, such as 360-degree videos and augmented reality (AR) elements.

The project being coordinated by Rasmus ry aims to reinforce people’s multicultural identity and promote good relations within the population, democracy and social wellbeing.

Altogether the Central Arts Council received 19 applications for “good speech” projects.

The Central Arts Council is an expert body of the Arts Promotion Centre Finland (Taike) and the Ministry of Education and Culture in policymaking regarding the arts. Each year the Central Arts Council decides on the awarding of special subsidies to support new ways of participating in the social debate by means of the arts. The “good speech” theme is a three-year project (2017-2019) that includes development fund applications also next year.

Further information:Risto Ruohonen, Chair of the Central Arts Council. Contact Lea Halttunen, Special Advisor, lea.halttunen@taike.fi, t. +358 295 330 713



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