Arts Promotion Centre Finland sets strategic targets for 2015–20


Taike will focus on expertise and service. Photo: Antti Luostarinen / Hahmo.

The Arts Promotion Centre Finland (Taike) has set its strategic targets for the period 2015-20. Accordingly, the agency will focus on expertise and service. The aim is to serve as a leading expert organisation for art and artist policies and a service organisation founded on the needs of artists and the field of the arts.

Taike promotes the work and livelihoods of professional artists. In this work Taike seeks active cross-sector cooperation.
Taike develops its direct artist grants to respond to the needs of professional artists and communities of free artists. The aim is to provide support that recognises the needs of high-quality and diverse art.

Taike’s grants and subsidies enable the creation of art on a professional basis. “We consider arts promotion cooperation that covers all areas of public administration to be important. With our cooperation partners we aim to ensure the prerequisites for practicing the arts professionally. This will necessitate a more functional social security and pension system for artists,” comments Minna Sirnö, Director of the Arts Promotion Centre Finland.

“This strategy provides us with a tool for focusing our resources on the issues that we consider important. Promoting the arts is a broad concept that covers just about everything under its umbrella. In order for us to be efficient and effective, however, we have to make choices, and this strategy now provides us with the framework for doing so. We aim to focus on our core expertise as both a funding agency and an expert agency for the arts,” Sirnö continues.

The strategy also defines the values that guide Taike’s operations and its relationship to the art world and society more broadly. Taike’s core values are expertise, openness and respect.

Approximately 400 experts participated in drawing up the new strategy.

Taike distributes 32 million euros in grants and subsidies each year. Two-thirds of this amount are funded from lottery proceeds.

Strategy of the Arts Promotion Centre Finland (Taike) for 201520

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