Record number of grant applications – electronic services a success


The Arts Promotion Centre Finland (Taike) received 5,632 online applications for those grants whose application period ended today. This was the first time that Taike’s electronic services have been used to such an extent. For the most part, customers have been satisfied with the new online services.

Some applications are still waiting for the system to assign them a register number, as a result of which they cannot yet be viewed by applicants. This should not cause any concern, however, as all applications that were sent electronically before 4:00pm will be recorded in the system, albeit with a slight delay for some.

In addition to online applications, Taike has also received applications on paper. Although the exact number of these applications is not yet available, it is already clear that the total number of applications has increased compared to last year.

Grants whose application period ended today included state project grants, grants for supporting multiculturalism and artist-in-residence grants, as well as regional working grants, project grants and project grants for children’s culture.

Taike’s expert bodies – its seven national arts councils and 13 regional arts councils – will make their decisions on the awarding of these grants at the beginning of 2016.


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