State Prize for Cinema to Markku Heikkinen


Theatre players at the Kajaani teacher’s college, from the documentary film “Olipa kerran seminaari”. Kainuu Museum archives.

Documentary director Markku Heikkinen (born 1966) makes films that deal with topics that are important in Finnish society. Talvivaaran miehet (2014) takes a powerful stand on environmental policy, while taking part in the highly topical dialogue on the status and future of the mining industry in Finland.

Through his art Markku Heikkinen fulfils the core mission of documentary filmmaking of telling about the real world and making a difference. His voice has national meaning and impact.

The State Prize for Cinema was awarded to Markku Heikkinen by the National Council for Audiovisual Art. The prize award ceremony hosted by Minister of Education and Culture Sanni Grahn-Laasonen took place on 2 December in Helsinki. The EUR 13,500 state prize is financed from lottery funds


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