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National Council for Mobility and Diversity in the Arts

The Central Arts Council appoints national arts councils for a two-year term. The expertise of members of other national and regional arts councils, as well as that of external experts, may also be utilised in the peer reviews of applications.

National Council for Mobility and Diversity in the Arts 2017–18


Marja Helander, Photographer, Visual Artist, Helsinki

Other members

Dag Andersson, Managing Director, Kemiö
Kimmo Hakola, Composer, Helsinki
Minna Henriksson, Artist, Helsinki
Petteri Ikonen, Visual Artist, Director of Education, Kotka/Vantaa
Tomi Kontio, Author, Helsinki
Liisa Penttilä, Theatre Director, Rovaniemi
Tarja Tuupanen, Jewellery Artist, Lappeenranta

Panel for Cultural Diversity 2018

Aleksander Anria (theatre director, actor) Riihimäki
Andrea Botero (researcher, service designer) Helsinki
Arnold Chiwalala (artist, educator) Espoo
Nura Farah (author) Helsinki
Sari Pikkarainen (dance instructor) Helsinki
Tahir Aliyev (TV and film producer)

The panel serves as an expert body for grants and subsidies awarded by Taike for promoting cultural diversity and combating racism.

Presenting Officer, multidisciplinary art, mobility, artist-in-residencies, festivals

Kirsi Väkiparta, Special Advisor
tel. +358 295 330 724

Presenting Officer, cultural diversity

Lea Halttunen, Special Advisor
tel. + 358 295 330 713

Information, multidisciplinary art

Raija Backman, Planning Officer
tel. +358 295 330 812

Information, mobility, artist-in-residencies

Tuija Hirvinen, Planning Officer
p. + 358 295 330 841

Information, festivals

Tuija Kivilinna, Planning Officer
p. + 358 295 330 914

Information, cultural diversity

Silja Tuhkunen, Planning Officer
p. + 358 295 330 821

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National Council for Mobility and Diversity in the Arts
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