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National Council for Architecture and Design

The council covers the broad spectrum of design and handicrafts.

Each year the council awards approximately 600,000 euros in artist grants. This year artist grants have been awarded to 34 designers, including 15 on five-year grants, 9 on three-year grants and the remainder on one-year or half-year grants. In addition, two designers are on 10-year grants beginning in 2012.

The council also awards approximately 400,000 euros a year in grants and subsidies for design projects.

Each year the council selects the recipient of the state prize for design. In addition, the council provides expert advice to the Ministry of Education and Culture.

The Central Arts Council appoints national arts councils for a two-year term.

National Council for Architecture and Design 2017–18


Tarja Tuupanen, Jewellery Artist, Lappeenranta

Other members:

Pentti Kareoja, Architect, Professor, Helsinki
Niina Kilpelä, Architect, Helsinki
Juuso Koponen, Information Designer, Helsinki
Kimmo Lintula, Architect, Professor (Adjunct), Helsinki
Eero Lintusaari, Artisan, Jewellery Artist, Tuusula
Päivi Meuronen, Interior Architect (SIO), Helsinki
Saara Repo, Architect, Kuopio
Mariana Salgado, Senior Researcher, Helsinki
Vesa Varrela, Designer, Glass Artist, Tampere

Presenting Officer

Lea Halttunen, Special Advisor
Tel. 0295 330 713


Tuire Tapanainen, Customer Service Secretary
tel. +358 295 330 727



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National Council for Architecture and Design
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00531  Helsinki
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