Light and Sound Art

Light reveals, creates tones. Sound transports to new realms.

- Riikka

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Light and Sound Art

Light art is created using all forms of light, from laser beams to natural sunlight. Sound art involves instruments or tools to produce and transmit sound, as well as different ways of listening. Works of light and sound art may be standalone pieces or form part of a larger artistic work from which they can also be separated into independent parts. Light and sound art are not restricted by any precise definition.

Lighting and sound design can be studied in the Degree Programme in Lighting and Degree Programme in Sound Design at the University of the Arts Helsinki.

In the national arts administration, light and sound art will be covered as separate artforms when the National Council for Audiovisual Art begins its first two-year term as an expert in the fields of cinema, media art, and light and sound art at the start of 2015.

The Arts Promotion Centre Finland and the National Council for Audiovisual Art support light and sound art by awarding grants and subsidies to individual artists, groups and communities. 

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