Application periods for grants and subsidies, autumn 2017–spring 2018

Note: Changes to application periods are possible. Applications periods may be revised on the calls for applications up to one month before the start of the application period.

  • Supplementary state artist pensions 1.9.–2.10.2017 (paper application)

Grants for artists and working groups

  • Project grants for artists and working groups 29.9.–15.11.2017
  • Grants for promoting cultural diversity (for artists and working groups) 29.9.–15.11.2017
  • Library grants for writers and translators 2.1.– 31.1.2018
  • Public display grants for artists 2.1.– 31.1.2018
  • Regional Project grants for artists and working groups 15.2.–19.3.2018
  • Regional Working grants for artists 15.2.–19.3.2018
  • Project grants for children’s culture (for artists and working groups) 15.2.–19.3.2018
  • State artist grants 1.3.–9.4.2018
  • Grants for mobility in the arts for artists (formerly travel and artist-in-residence grants combined), application deadlines 22.8.2017, 15.11.2017, 28.2.2018 etc.

Subsidies for communities


  • Artist-in-residence subsidies
  • Cultural wellbeing subsidies
  • Festival subsidies
  • Operational subsidies
  • Operational subsidies for regional dance centres
  • Special subsidies
  • State subsidies for embedding art and culture services within social welfare and healthcare activities
  • Subsidies for cultural journals
  • Subsidies for promoting cultural diversity and combating racism
  • Subsidies for promoting the cultural activities of disability communities and the accessibility of culture


  • Special subsidies for children’s culture
  • Special subsidies for projects that apply the principle “1% of construction costs for art” (for communities)
  • Development subsidies awarded by the Central Arts Council
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