An open invitation for BIPOC artists – art for dialogue cards on cultural diversity

Art is sought for the dialogue cards on sustainable development and cultural diversity developed by the Arts Promotion Centre.

Arts Promotion Centre is developing dialogue cards on sustainable development and cultural diversity, which are intended to help different organizations assess and develop cultural diversity in e.g. work planning, work community challenges and everyday work. For dialogue cards, art is now being sought from artists with a BIPOC (black, indigenous, and other people of color) background.

The image can be either abstract art made earlier or specifically for this purpose. The idea is that each card is designed by one artist.

Artists are selected through portfolios. Deadline is 2.5.2022.

In 2021, the Ministry of Education and Culture published the final report of the Working Group on Art, Culture and Diverse Finland - Cultural Policy, Immigrants and the Promotion of Cultural Diversity. In this context, the Arts Promotion Centre Finland is developing dialogue tool on sustainable development and cultural diversity. The Unesco’s Agenda 2030 sustainable development goals are also behind the development work.

More detailed instructions for the images can be found below.

Instructions for workshops on dialogue cards on cultural diversity and sustainable development

Image requirements

  • The artist with culturally diverse background, the artist is BIPOC or of immigrant background.
  • One or up to two illustrations for dialogue cards on cultural diversity and sustainable development is desired from each artist. There are total of eight cards.
  • The work must be clear and contain colors and shapes. We are looking for art, not illustration concerning the subjects mentioned on the cards.
  • The works can be made with different techniques.
  • The dialogue card is hexagonal. The size of the card is 126 mm (width) x 114 mm (height) + 3 mm bleed.
  • The image must act as both a hexagon (dialogue card) and as a square or rectangle (manual and other print / online material). There will be text on the image.
  • The hexagonal template has white text that should be included on the card.
    • When the text is on top of the image, the image should be calm enough or have high contrasts relative to the text. The text must not be modified or moved.
  • You will find examples of the dialogue cards through this link.
    • PDF contains all cards. The art will be one-sided, on the front of the card with text on top. ​On the backside of the card, ​there will be a word cloud. One example is with the background color, which will be replace with the art.

Where the image will be used?

  • The image will be used in dialogue cards on cultural diversity and sustainable development.  
  • The same image is used for both square / rectangular and hexagonal shapes.
  • Images are used in both physical and digital form on printing cards, available in teaching materials and instructions and workshops built around the cards on slide. The images are also used in all kinds of presentations related to the content of the topic in communications material (paper brochures, on the internet and on social media) as well in a web-based application and website to be developed later.
  • Cards and materials have an unlimited audience.
  • Taike has unlimited access.
  • Cards and material are not subject to commercial activity. The cards serve as a non-profit teaching material and a tool for initiating dialogue.
  • The subscriber has the right to reprint the cards without new compensation. Print volumes do not affect the price.


1000 € / card as a one-off payment.


  • The author retains the rights to his image (exhibition, website and sale).
  • The name of the artist appears in the instructions of the dialogue cards, not on the card itself.
  • The image must not be used in similar contexts or for graphic illustrations.
  • The third party (potential buyer) is also not allowed to use the image in the above way.
  • If the material needs to be updated, this is primarily asked of the artist.

If you are interested in

  • Provide 1 to 5 finished images of the work that could possibly be used for this purpose.
  • We don't need a CV.
  • Submit images or portfolio address and clear instructions on which image or images you mean.


A working group assembled by Taike and the Ministry of Education and Culture will choose the most suitable image suggestions​ and will contact artist personally.  We make formal contracts with selected artists.

Selected image

The artist must submit the selected image in high quality and printable format. The resolution of the images must be 300 pixels or more.

Send images and portfolios & more information

Send materials to Deadline is 2.5.2022. The materials mentioned in these instructions can be found through this link.