Artist Talk / Exploration into Possible Futures: Artistic outcomes of the project

Mon 23.11. Time 14.00 - 16.00

Online seminar

During summer and autumn 2020 a handful of Northern artists started working on their pieces under the project Exploration into Possible Futures. Now their work is done, they are ready to talk about the process and the outcomes. The works will be showcased on the upcoming Northern Sustainability Database which presents art, practices and research covering all aspects of sustainability within the Northern Dimension area. The presented content is peer-reviewed and open for contributions.

The Northern Sustainability database will be presented by regional artist/ arts development manager Aura Seikkula. Regional artist Antti Tenetz moderates the session.

The event is open for everyone, but registration is needed in order to get the link to the discussion platform Google Meet. Register via by 22nd of November.


23rd November 14-16 (EEST)
•       Exploration into Possible Futures
Antti Tenetz, regional artist/Arts Promotion Centre Finland
•       Northern Sustainability Database
Aura Seikkula, regional artist/Arts Promotion Centre Finland
Artistical exploration on the environment: What we pass on? 
•       Meri Nikula, vocal performance artist, Tornio/ Haparanda
•       Ida Isak Westerberg, textile artist, Korsträsk/Älvsbyn
•       Lena Ylipää/video greeting, artist, Lainio
Ecosystems and the human post-industrial heritage
•       Zhanna Guzenko, Fridaymilk, curator group, Murmansk
•       Sergey Kostyrko, sound artist, Saint Petersburg
•       Oleg Khadartsev, video artist, Murmansk
•       Andrey Ptitsyn, visual artist, Petrozavodsk




Exploration into Possible Futures is a sub-project of Northern Dimension Partnership on Culture, Creating New Practices of Sustainability – Cross-sectorial creativity in the era of Climate Change - project which focuses on examining four pillars of sustainability in relation to local resilience at north.

Project is based on the idea that art and culture can serve as activators for developing social discourse in an eco-social and cultural direction as a response to climate change. In this transition towards more resilient and sustainable thinking, expertise in art and culture can offer numerous development views and actions that significantly support multilateral regional cooperation.

The end result of Exploration into Possible Futures will be joint artistic-scientific output carried out by Arts Promotion Centre Finland in collaboration with independent curating group FridayMilk (Murmansk), Magneetti (Northern Media Culture Organization Rovaniemi), and other partners.

Main organiser: Arts Promotion Centre Finland

Partners: The project is funded by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland and the Northern Dimension Partnership on Culture. Project is implemented by Arts Promotion Centre Finland in close collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Culture of Finland

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