Opening of Taiteen talo and Vallaton KUMOUS

Sat 14.5. Time 10.00 - Sun 15.5.2022 Time 0.30

Nunnankatu 4


The opening of Taiteen talo will be celebrated on Saturday 14 May. The event is free to all city residents. At the opening, you will be able to see and experience the contribution of the Turku cultural field extensively, and a programme for all ages is promised. As part of the opening programme, the Vallaton Kumous art festival of the Taidekahvit co-operation network will be seen.

Vallaton KUMOUS – A discovery into the art and culture of Turku

Art festival Vallaton KUMOUS takes over the newly formed House of Art in Turku as a part of their grand opening on the saturday 14th of may. The charming festival proudly brings out and celebrates different art forms, invites you to marvel, meet and enjoy the multitude of art and culture that the city of Turku has to offer. Performances from music, dance, poetry and theater burst out from the windows of the old tobacco factory with the words and tunes echoing to the courtyard.

The two-part art festival consists of an open for all Vallaton from 10 am to 6 pm with the evening club for adult audiences KUMOUS following it from 6.30 pm to 00.30 am. Both events are free of charge. The festival is a part of the grand opening of the House of Art in Turku and during the day you can hear speeches celebrating the historical investment into art and culture.

The day's programme will feature performances, installations, inspiring workshops and many sample sized bits from the season’s cultural repertoire.  Children and families are warmly welcome to participate with the daytime programme having an emphasis on younger audiences with multilingual performances included. The multitude of organisations and artists from the third sector of culture will also have booths from which you can get tickets for their shows and support their work.

The evening club KUMOUS starts right after the day’s programme has ended at 6.30 pm and will carry on celebrating into the night. The evening is a wild and mighty, multi-art spectacle which the various creators have prepared in tandem with each other. Audiences are offered a communal and inclusive programme that opens up encounters with both the people as well as the arts. Would you like to hear a Jazz- musician improvising with a DJ? How about some poetry accompanied by the soundwall of six guitars? Since the evening club is serving drinks it is only for audiences over 18 years of age.

The hosts and enablers of the event is the Taidekahvit network – a cooperation network whose members are the various organizations within the art and cultural third sector in Turku. It truly is an one of a kind opportunity for a discovery in the arts and culture that the city of Turku has to offer. You’re most welcome to come and get lost in the world of art!

Programme of the openings you will find here (in English) and (in Finnish).

More information 

Taiteen talo
Anna-Maija Vaimala
Producer, Taiteen talo
+358 44 353 3920

Vallaton KUMOUS
Taru Tuomisto
Producer, Vallaton KUMOUS

Main organiser: Taiteen talo and Taidekahvit nertwork

Partners: Arts Promotion Centre Finland

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