Expert services for municipal cultural activities

Taike provides expert services that assist municipalities in fulfilling their legal obligations for promoting the arts and culture.

We work together to ensure that your municipality is able to support professional artistic work. In doing so, we help promote equal and broad access to the arts and culture.

Why invest in the arts and culture?

Investing in the arts and culture provides a wide range of benefits to the municipality, artists, art communities and local residents.

A lively arts sector stimulates the conditions for artistic employment and commerce in the cultural sector and creative industries, which in turn helps promote local and regional vitality.

Equal access to cultural services increases the wellbeing local residents and supports learning and inclusion.

Cultural environments and events, art organisations and individual artists create a local spirit and attract both visitors and new residents.

What services do we provide?

Taike provides assistance and expert advice in the following areas:

  • Supporting artists
  • Creating local centres of expertise
  • Organising funding
  • Creating networks
  • Managing knowledge
  • Implementing public art and cultural wellbeing projects

The precise contents of the service are planned together with the municipality on a case-by-case basis. Our advisory services for municipalities are free of charge.

Contact our team of experts in municipal cultural services

Our team has broad expertise in municipal and regional issues:

Antti Huntus
I am an expert in art administration development. I am familiar with financial instruments and platforms. I also work in expert positions related to sustainable development and intangible cultural heritage.

Kaisa Koskela
I am an experienced developer of municipal cultural services. I am an expert in cross-administrative networks and working with different stakeholders. I have long experience in development work in municipal organisations.

Taina Laitinen
I am an expert in arts and culture, as well as in funding sources for the creative industries. I have experience in developing business in the creative industries, project and programme work, and developing services at the regional level.

Last modified: 12.10.2021