For grant recipients

You will receive notification by e-mail once the decision is available online. Remember to check your junk mail folder. As the applicant you are responsible for checking your e-mail using the address you included with your application.

Payment of the grant

The grant will be paid automatically to the account that you specified on your application without having to request payment separately. Artist grants are paid monthly within the first five banking days.

Use of the grant

The grant must be used only for the intended purpose and to cover the expenses specified in the application. Expenses must be essential and reasonable.

The grant shall be considered to have been used appropriately if the amount of eligible expenses is at least equal to the amount of the grant. Taike shall take into account other financial support awarded for the same purpose, as well as income earned from the project.

Grants awarded to an individual or a work group cannot to be transferred to the account of a company or community.

Taike requires that the grant recipient acknowledge the support of Taike or the decision-making arts council in relevant printed publications, such as invitations or programmes.

Social security

If the grant covers a work period of at least four months, you must take out pension and accident insurance (MYEL). Persons who are over the age of 68 or receive an old age pension cannot take out pension insurance. These insurance policies must be applied for within three months of the start of the grant period. Applications should be submitted to the Farmers' Social Insurance Institution Mela.

Further information from Mela.

If your working group uses the grant to hire staff (other than members of the working group), withholding taxes and social security must be paid on salaries and wages.

Changes to intended use or period when used

Grants must be used in the year they are awarded or no later than during the following year. If you plan to use the grant the year after it was awarded, notify Taike using our online services. You cannot receive a new grant from Taike if the previous grant has not been used.

The intended use of a grant may be changed if there is special reason to do so. Apply for a change using our online services as soon as possible so that your request can be processed before the end of the grant period.


Since all grants awarded by Taike are discretionary government transfers, recipients of grants have a legal obligation to submit clarification of how the grant was spent. Deadline for clarification is written in the decision.

Remember to submit clarification for your grant by the deadline. Failure to submit clarification will disqualify you from receiving future grants.

Clarifications can be submitted electronically using Taike's online services. If you applied in writing, fill in the clarification form that you received together with the decision and post it to Taike.

The clarification should confirm the following:

  • That the grant has been used appropriately according to the intended use and work plan described in your application.
  • For project grants: That the expenses itemised in the clarification tally with the budget included in your application.

Frequently asked questions about clarification

Working grants

Working grants include artist grants, library grants, public display grants and working grants awarded by regional arts councils.

If you have received a grant to support your work, your clarification should confirm the following:

  • What results you have achieved with the grant
  • How you have used the grant
  • How your work has progressed

Project grants

If you have received a project grant:

  • Clarify what you have achieved with the grant
  • Clarify the overall budget for the project
  • Calculate the expenses that have been paid using the grant
  • Itemise the expenses in the clarification according to use, e.g. "total travel expenses x euros", "material expenses x euros".

If the grant was awarded to a work group:

  • The contact person for the working group is the person whom the grant decision was addressed to.
  • The contact person is responsible for ensuring that the clarification is submitted by the deadline.
  • Clarify what share of the grant has been paid to members of the working group.
  • If you have used the grant to pay individuals who are not members of the working group, make sure that all applicable withholding taxes and social security payments have been paid.

Do not include receipts and supporting documents with your clarification, but keep them for at least three years for auditing purposes. Taike will request to see them if needed.

Please note that you cannot transfer your grant to the account of a company or other community. If you do, the grant must be repaid to Taike.

Repayment of a grant

The grant must be repaid to Taike in full or in part if

  • the grant is not used
  • the grant is not used on time and an extension has not been applied for
  • the terms of the decision or the Act on Discretionary Government Transfers are not met.

Instructions for how to make a repayment and the necessary account information are included in the appendix “Terms and restrictions for grants” that came with the grant decision.

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