Questions about applying

Questions about clarifications

Questions about applying

Can I apply for support from more than one place (e.g. from various foundations) for the same project?
Yes you can, but you have to specify this on your application.

Should I apply for a grant as an artist or a working group?
As an artist you can apply for a grant to help implement your own work plan. If several people are involved in the implementation of the project, the grant should be applied for as a working group. In this case the applicant is the contact person for the working group, while the names and dates of birth. of the other members must be included in the application. 

What kind of cost estimate is sufficient?
The cost estimate should be as realistic as possible and included the anticipated income and expenses for your project. Overestimating the amount required can detract from the credibility of the project. A certain amount of self financing is also required. If it is a big project, you should apply for support from more than one place. State grants may be used to cover only part of the total funding of the activities or project and cannot cover the full sum unless there is a particular reason.

How should I calculate the value of my own work in the expenses for project grants?
You can refer to the amount of artist grants for guidelines. Information about artist grants

What makes for a good application?
A good application is concise and accurately describes the work plan or project idea. The cost estimate should be realistic and feasible. Applications must also comply with the requirements stipulated in the call for applications. A good application and the previous activities of the applicant will help convince the decision-maker that you are the right person to carry it out.

How can I make sure that my application arrives on time?
Applications must be submitted by 4pm on the last day of the application period.

You can check the deadline on the call for applications on the Taike website.

Why is the decision-making process so long?
Your application will be reviewed at a meeting of the relevant arts council and subcommittee or board by its elected members. A proposal is then submitted to the Director of Taike, who takes the final decision. Each year Taike receives around 14,000 applications, most of which are grant applications. Decisions cannot be taken before the annual state budget is approved in January.

Why was I not awarded a grant?
All decisions are made on the basis of peer reviews. The quality of other applications received for the same grant will also influence the decision.

Regional and linguistic factors are also taken into consideration, as is the amount of funds available to be awarded. Attention is also paid to gender equality.

Decisions are not explained on a case-by-case basis. Further information is available on the Taike website under Decision-making > Decision-making criteria.

Will I receive a written reply to my application?
All applicants are informed of the decision in writing in our online services.

Questions about clarifications

Is it possible to change the intended use or period when the grant is used?
If you would like to make changes, you must first submit a request to do so in  our online services.

What to include in your request:

  • Grounds for requesting a change
  • Your new plan or schedule
  • Revised budget
  • Whether the change in schedule refers to the period when the grant is used, the date when clarification will be submitted, or both.

Appeals should be made as soon as possible and no later than the end of the year in which the grant is awarded.

Can I transfer my grant to a company account?
No. Grants awarded to private individuals are intended to cover the expenses listed in the application form. Grants and subsidies are tax free for private individuals, so they cannot be transferred to the account of a company or other community. If it emerges during the clarification process that a grant or subsidy has been transferred to the account of a company or other community, the grant or subsidy in question must be repaid to Taike.

The grant for our working group shall be divided among the members of the working group to cover their work expenses in accordance with the plan in the application. Will the members of the working group have to pay tax on their share of the grant?
If all the members of the working group are included in the original application, then no. Compensation paid to persons outside the working group is subject to withholding taxes and social security payments. The contact person for the working group should keep payment receipts for all payments made to members of the working group for auditing purposes, but they do not have to be included in the clarification.

I cannot remember what was written in the working plan in the application, or who was included in the working group. Can I still use the grant for any purpose or to pay anybody for their work?
If you have submitted your application electronically using our online services, you will also be informed of the decision online. Grants are tax free for private individuals, so they can only be paid to the members of the working group listed in the application. If you would like to make changes to the intended use of a grant to the members of your working group, you must first submit a request to do so.

What do I do if I have not used the entire amount of the grant?
Any part of a grant that is not used must be returned to the account of the Arts Promotion Centre Finland.  However, if the amount is less than 100 euros, it does not have to be returned.

How should kilometre compensation be included in the clarification for a project grant?
Reasonable kilometre compensation may be considered an acceptable cost for a project grant, for example in order to transport works of art. Kilometre compensation is calculated according to the amount of travel allowance applied in the taxation of private individuals, i.e. €0.25/km (Finnish Tax Administration, 2019).

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