Artists at Risk residence programme received #movingart prize

Artists at Risk -ohjelma luo turvapaikkoja taiteilijoille Suomessa ja muualla Euroopassa. Safe Haven Helsinki tarjoaa residenssin neljälle taiteilijalle vuonna 2017.

The Arts Promotion Centre Finland (Taike) has awarded its #movingart theme year prize to the Artists at Risk residence programme. The amount awarded is 5000 euros. Taike Director Minna Sirnö presented the award on Friday 8 December in Helsinki.

The Artists at Risk programme provides asylum places for artists facing persecution. The programme was initiated in 2013 by the association Perpetuum Mobile ry, which was co-founded by curators Marita Muukkonen and Ivor Stodolsky.

This year the association’s Safe Haven Helsinki residence provided asylum to four artists, mostly for one year. The asylum residence programme is also being expanded to other parts of Finland, as well as internationally.

Intercultural dialogue, support for the mobility of artists and residence programmes play a major role in European art and cultural policies.

Safe haven residences are also integral to the cultural integration process.

“The aim of this theme year was to highlight how art moves our emotions, as well as the mobility of art and artists,” says Minna Sirnö, Director of Taike.

“Everyone is entitled to art and culture, both as a recipient and as a creator. The artistic work performed by artists puts them in a vulnerable position, and they can become victims of persecution.”

Persecuted artists are not able to express themselves in their native countries without risking their lives. Safe haven residences offer them both security and the chance to create art.

“The Artist at Risk programme is helping to build a world that shows more humanity and solidarity, one asylum residence at a time,” Sirnö adds.

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