Taike website compiles useful information related to the corona crisis in English

The aim is to bring together information about Taike’s corona initiatives, support and tips for artists, and art contents and channels in one place. The information is being updated all the time. The sources of the information are responsible for the accuracy of the information provided in the links and the languages in which it is available.

The Taike.fi website now has a special Corona section under News.

The idea of compiling useful information related to the corona crisis for artists and the art community came from Taike’s regional artists. Regional artist Annika Dahlsten was responsible for compiling information about support available to artists.

“When the state of emergency in Finland began, I cancelled all the meetings and events that I was organising. At the same time, I grew concerned about the safety and livelihood of artists. I followed the discussions about the corona crisis and noticed how fragmented all the information was. I was in contact with my own network of artists and shared the tips I found. That led to the idea of gathering all the information provided by various arts organisations and public authorities in one place on Taike's website. The field of the arts is particularly rich and diverse, and the work performed by artists is not typical. The links that are now provided on our website offer information and support to as many people as possible. If something is missing, we will be happy to add it!”


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