Open Call: Ääreen – Documentary in Animation

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Leena Jääskeläinen: Making Art In My Dreams

Application period 5.10.–18.11.2020 Ääreen is an art project that combines documentary with immersive animation. It will be conducted at Oodi Central Library in Helsinki. The purpose of the project is to support and encourage artists interested in documentary animation, and to create new media presentation practices in the library context.

The project begins with a workshop to search for immersive project ideas that combine animation with a documentary approach. Concentrating on script writing and development, the workshop will be held in Oodi Central Library on 18–20 January and 25–28 January 2021. The focus will be on animations that engage both the venue and the audience. The call is open for professional artists and groups who are interested in interactive and documentary animation. No artistic disciplines are excluded.

We invite all artists and experts working in Finland to apply. The workshop itself and any travel in Finland as well as accommodation during the workshop are free for participants. One idea from the workshop will be chosen for implementation, and the finished work will be presented in the Kuutio venue at Oodi from 4 to 31 October 2021. The production of the work will be supported by the Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture AVEK, and the group that produces it will be paid a fee of 10,000 euros. Arts Promotion Centre Finland will also pay 1,000 euros for all ideas produced in the workshop. In addition to the workshop, all groups will also receive one-on-one mentoring. Audience workshops will be organised in conjunction with the presentation of the selected work.

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Ääreen – project presentation

The Ääreen project will be presented in the Maijansali Auditorium in Oodi on 8 October at 18:00–20:00. Artists Emily Gobeille and Theo Watson (US) from Design I/O will talk about their art and works. Their VR art projects have been presented in public spaces such as libraries. Lecturer, DFA (University of Lapland), new media artist Tomi Knuutila will talk about immersive art. All talks will be given remotely. The presentation will cover the workshop, the exhibition and the application process. More information about the project will be available on site from regional artist Annika Dahlsten from Arts Promotion Centre Finland and special librarian Sanna Huttunen from Oodi.

The presentation is free of charge and open to all, and it will be streamed on Facebook. The languages are Finnish and English. The Maijansali Auditorium in Oodi has seats for max. 50 people. Register here. 

After the presentation, the on-site audience have a chance to explore the Kuutio venue and its technical facilities.

The Kuutio venue will also be open to the public on Thursday, 29 October at 17:00–18:00. Technical staff from Oodi will be on hand to talk about the technical facilities of the space.

Documentary in animation is a chance to challenge the boundaries of storytelling. The works combine stirring topics with narrative methods on the level of technology, visuality and content. Documentary in animation uses stories to bring us close to realities.

IMMERSIVE In our project, the term refers to a participatory approach that explores experientiality and the relationship between viewer and artwork.

ANIMATION Although we are primarily seeking animation professionals, a group can also include professionals from other disciplines as well. We appreciate an internalised vision of animation as an art and the ability to create animated artworks.

DOCUMENTARY In this project, we adopt a broad notion of documentarism, defined as the ability to articulate different approaches to external reality using art as a method.

No group?

Would you like to attend the Ääreen workshop, but don’t have a group? The project offers a virtual get-together meeting where professionals from different disciplines can learn to know each other and find partners to form groups. Read more on the Finnish Animation Guild website!

Ääreen workshop

The workshop will be conducted by media artist Marko Tandefelt (FIN) and animation artist Uri Kranot (DK).

Marko Tandefelt works as creative technologist and producer in his own Parasense company that specialises in new media art. He has worked as curator at the Finnish Cultural Institute in New York, he has taught in master’s Thesis courses at Parsons Design School MFA D+T in New York 2001–2016, and has supervised and evaluated sound design degree projects at Aalto University.

Uri Kranot is the main tutor of Danish ANIDOX-forum. A film director and artist, he teaches at The Animation Workshop/VIA University College. With his partner, Michelle Kranot, he co-founded the research and development studio TinDrum. The films and VR installations of the Kranots have gained a wide public and won many awards. Their latest VR work The Hangman at Home won the Grand Jury Prize at the Venice VR Expanded biennale.

Other workshop lecturers include Jaakko Kemppainen, regional artist specialising in game art, and Hanna Haaslahti, media artist. Jaakko Kemppainen will talk about games as audiovisual art and the potential of the game format in new media art. He will also cover game scripting. Hanna Haaslahti will talk about the concept of immersive art and present her own works.

Workshop participants will develop ideas for interactive documentary animations and get support for their implementation. The workshop will also explore the technical resources and requirements of the Kuutio venue at Oodi. The workshop language is English.

The project is designed for groups whose expertise covers both content and technology. We only allow one project per group. Group size is not limited, but max. 2 persons from a group can participate in the workshop. Artists living and working in Finland are eligible for the project.

Submit your application as a group. In your work plan, describe your idea and its possible implementation. Describe your motivation for attending the workshop and the exhibition in the Kuutio venue. The online form has more detailed information about applying. The application can be in Finnish or English.

General considerations

The project is a joint effort by Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Oodi Central Library, Turku Animated Film Festival, Finnish Animation Guild, Artists’ Association MUU, Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture (AVEK), Aalto University, National Audiovisual Institute KAVI, and Danish ANIDOX forum. The project is coordinated by regional artist Annika Dahlsten.


The open call will close on 18 November 2020 at 16:00.

The final selection of artists/groups will be made by a jury of experts.

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More info

Annika Dahlsten
Regional artist, Arts Promotion Centre Finland
annika.dahlsten(a), tel. 02 9533 0907

Sanna Huttunen
Special librarian, Oodi Central Library
sanna.m.huttunen(a), tel. 040 186 3042

Mika Koskinen
Secretary, Finnish Animation Guild
info(a), tel. 044 324 2121


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