The first Annual Review of Public Art published

The street is full of flowers. People are in the middle of flowers.

In the cover of the publication is a picture of Kaisa Salmi's work Ruusukatu in Oulu, Finland. The photo was taken by Kati Leinonen.

The Annual Review of Public Art provides still images of how public art and the structures behind it are changing. The Annual Review seeks to address the themes, debates, hopes and sorrows that have revolved around public art in 2020.

In her article, Mari Kemppinen, an Arts Advisor at the Arts Promotion Center Finland (Taike), brings together roundtable discussions in which Taike invited six artists specializing in public art. The discussions revolved around themes such as the role and competence of the artist in public art projects, the diversity and advantages of competitions and procurement models, and new types of platforms and forms of public art.

The annual review also includes an article by art critic Sini Mononen and research information concerning public art.

The publication is suitable for anyone interested in public art. It is suitable for both artists and art lovers. The publication serves as an example of current issues in the field of art and strengthens the awareness of public art.

The Annual Review of Public Art has been prepared by Taike's Public Art Advisory Services team. It was published at the Spring Day of Public Art event on May 18, 2021 (in Finnish).

In the future both the Spring Day for Public Art and the Annual Review will be carried out regularly. The aim is to monitor changes in the field of public art.

Public Art 2020 Annual Review

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