Jaakko Kemppainen

Job title
Regional Artist
Mies katsoo sivulle, kuvan takana on kuusi
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+358 295 330 877

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I am a Regional Artist and work in Taike’s art, health and wellbeing advisory services. In my work, I strive to develop the status of games as an artform in their own right, as well as to highlight the possibilities of games as art among players, game makers, other artists and various collaboration parties. I have focused my work on interdisciplinary initiatives and communal authorship.

In my work, I strive to open new channels for the artistic use of games. Interdisciplinary collaborations with artists in different fields help develop their understanding of the possibilities of play and making games. I enhance the general understanding of games as an artform in their own right through art exhibitions, seminars and my own talks. I also organise game-making events for different target groups, such as the elderly and children in kindergartens.