Applications and the operations of applicants are evaluated by Taike's experts. Decisions are taken by the Director of Taike based on proposals by special advisors.

All decisions are made on the basis of recommendations that are presented by Taike’s special advisors (civil servants).

All Taike subsidiaries are discretionary.

Decisions on operational subsidies are made in January and February. Decisions on special subsidies are made between February and May.

Last modified: 24.09.2021

Subsidy process

    • Applying

      Call for applications on, application period 1 month

    • Community submits application
    • Application  submitted
    • Community supplements application if requested
    • Decision-making

      Max. 15 weeks

    • Arts council reviews if requested
    • Special advisor reviews, evaluates and submits a recommendation
    • Director decides
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    • Community has 30 days to appeal the decision
    • Using the subsidy

      Taike pays operating subsidies in 1-4 instalments, special subsidies as a single payment

    • Community produces art or culture
    • Community may request a change to the intended use of the subsidy or additional time
    • Clarifying

      By spring after the subsidy was used

    • Community submits clarification of how the subsidy was used
    • Clarification submitted
    • Special advisor reviews clarification
    • Community may be asked to return the subsidy in full or in part

Appeal decision

Appeals must be made within 30 days of receiving notification of the decision, not including the day on which the notification was received.

Guidelines for the appeal (available in Finnish and Swedish) will be sent to the applicant as an attachment of the decision.

You can send the appeal and related appendices as attachments. The maximum number of attachments is five and the maximum size for each attachment is 4 MB.

Last modified: 24.09.2021


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