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Mon 7.10. Time 9.00 - 20.30

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Awareness towards power - Be an art policy influencer, make knowledge your tool. A get-together for performance and live art professionals in Turku on October 7th 2019 In collaboration with Theatre Info Finland, Performance Center Eskus and Artist's Association Muu.


Who has the power to decide what you do and what structures form the environment that you act in? How can you make an impact? How can you gain power?

Event for performance art and live art professionals in Turku on 7 October 2019

Theatre Info Finland, TINFO and Arts Promotion Centre Finland are organizing the second annual Performance Days on the 7th of October 2019. We hope to reach the field of performance and live art across Finland – artists, groups and organizations.

Performance Days is a circulating professional forum aiming to serve the field the best we can.  We hope to create a warm atmosphere for important conversations about the future, past and present of the field. Our most sincere wish is that Performance Days would be a place to connect with colleagues and feel at home.  This year we meet in Turku under the topic of Awareness towards power. Please come and join us discussing how data can serve you in making an impact to the circumstances of the field.

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The artist of the year of this Performance Days event is Hanna Arvela, with her work Yes, you can!. Hanna Arvela: “I work at the interface of activism and contemporary art, and use humour to raise questions and awareness about society and human behaviour. Normally, the end result takes some kind of a visual form.

We hope that professionals from all areas of performance and live art from all around Finland will come to the event, including artists, groups and organisations. Don’t stay at home. Let’s bring embodiment to knowledge production.


The programme is mostly in english and we will do our best to help you with the Finnish bits if needed. Don't hesitate to contact us if you're worried about the language!

9:00              Morning coffee and workshopping with Hanna Helavuori

12:00            Lunch at your own cost (for example 10,50€ in the venue's cafeteria) And Yes, you can! by Hanna Arvela

13:00            Talking about data in relation to art making. Join the discussion with artists, researchers and cultural policy professionals!

1. session 13:00-13:30    Pilvi Porkola, Paula Karhunen and Riitta Heinämaa (This session is in Finnish)

2. session  13:40-14:10   Leena Kela, Tuomas Laitinen and Jenni-Juulia Wallinheimo-Heimonen

3. session   14:20-14:50  Lauri Mattila, inaway and Sasha Huber

15:00              Coffee on the house

15:30               Keynote Antti Majava, artist and writer, founding member of BIOS -research group and Mustarinda-society

16:30               Manifests from the field – the outcomes of the workshopping

17:00               Dinner at you own cost (You can take part in a joint table reservation, if you wish)

19:00               Video Performance series ReVoyage, Sparkling wine and mingling with colleagues in Bar Ö


Organized by Theatre info Finland TINFO and Arts Promotion Centre Finland/Taike with help from Performance Center Eskus and Artist's Association Muu.



Marika Räty, regional artist and coordinator of live and performance art, Arts Promotion Centre Finland,, 0295330824

Hanna Helavuori, director, Theatre info Finland TINFO, hanna.helavuori at, 0443631722

Main organiser: Taike

Partners: Theatre Info Finland TINFO, Artist's Association Muu and Performance Center Eskus

A woman is snorting caffeine powder through a straw.
This year's Performance Days Art Work, Hanna Arvela's Yes, you can! Photo by: Kristian Jalava
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