The values of the Arts Promotion Centre Finland (Taike) are

  • expertise
  • openness and
  • respect.

Art community
(customers and art community)

(agency and employees)

(citizens and public administration)

"Our employees and expert bodies are the best experts in their fields"

We listen to and understand the art community. We support and help artists develop in their work and improve their livelihoods. To enhance our own expertise we engage in networking and continuous dialogue with other actors in the field of the arts.

We monitor and anticipate changes in our operating environment. We develop continuously our own work and our peer review work and oversee the quality of this work.

We produce and share information in order to develop public funding for the arts and its structures. We ourselves take part actively in the debate on the role of the arts in society and Taike's role in public administration.

"Our operations are based on openness
and trust"

We ensure the clarity, transparency and equality of our funding activities. We engage in open dialogue with artists and art experts regarding our development needs.

We promote open administration and transparency in the decision-making process. We explain our decisions. Our work atmosphere is open and the flow of information is unimpeded. Our processes and responsibilities are clear.

We engage in genuine and open dialogue with the Ministry of Education and Culture and with Parliament. We report openly on the impact of our operations. We have clear targets and indicators for our operations.

"We respect each other and the art for which we work"

We respect creativity and the freedom of creating art. Our operations take into consideration the unique needs of different artforms. We appreciate feedback to help us serve artists and other actors in the field of the arts better.

We respect the expertise of each other and our cooperation partners. We work to improve the social status of art and artists. We encourage and thank each other.

We work for the right to create and experience art. We help ensure the availability and accessibility of art, as well as its regional scope.


Last modified: 10.10.2017


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