Even ordinary buildings
can be impressive.

- Sauli

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National Council for Architecture and Design

The National Council for Architecture and Design is responsible for making decisions regarding grants, subsidies and prizes within the field of architecture. The council also provides expert advice in this field.

This year artist grants have been awarded to 11 architects, including 3 on five-year grants, 4 on three-year grants and the remainder on one-year or half-year grants. 

The Central Arts Council appoints national arts councils for a two-year term. The expertise of members of other national and regional arts councils, as well as that of external experts, may also be utilised in the peer reviews of applications.

National Council for Architecture and Design 2021-22


Inni Pärnänen, Jewellery Artist, Helsinki

Other members

Kai Hämäläinen, Industrial Designer, Lappeenranta
Maija Kovari, Sculptor, Architect, Tampere
Anna van der Lei, Designer, Lecturer, Espoo
Janne Pihlajaniemi, Architect, Oulu
Tuula Pöyhönen, Designer, Clothing and Textile Designer, Helsinki
Tanja Sanila, Designer, Inari
Panu Savolainen, Architect, Associate Professor, Turku
Sauli Suomela, Design Director, Helsinki
Satu Wäre-Åkerblom, Architect, Helsinki

Presenting Officer

Lea Halttunen, Special Advisor


Ari Savolainen, Planning Officer


National Council for Architecture and Design 2019–20


Kirsti Kovanen, Architect, Mikkeli

Other members

Niina Kilpelä, Architect, Helsinki
Kimmo Lintula, Architect, Helsinki
Juuso Koponen, Information Designer, Helsinki
Janne Pihlajaniemi, Architect, Oulu
Mikko Paakkanen, Designer, Helsinki
Inni Pärnänen, Jewellery Artist, Helsinki
Mariana Salgado, Service Designer, Helsinki
Markku Salo, Designer, Nuutajärvi
Tanja Sanila, Designer, Inari

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