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Regional Arts Council

The Arts Council of Häme  is one of Taike’s regional expert bodies and is responsible for the region of Häme.

The arts council makes decisions regarding the awarding of Taike’s regional grants and grants for children’s culture to artists in the region of Häme. It also awards the annual Häme Art Prize. In addition, as an expert body of Taike, it participates in strategy work and provides expert opinions.

The members and chair of the arts council are appointed by the Central Arts Council for two-year terms. Members of other state and regional arts councils, as well as outside experts, may also participate in the peer reviews of grant applications.

Arts Council of Häme 2021–2022


Juha Laurikainen, Designer, Artist, Hämeenlinna

Other members

Petri Komulainen, Conductor, Lahti
Matti Laitinen, Musician, Lahti
Maritta Lintunen, Author, Hämeenlinna
Satu Loukkola, Sculptor, Järvelä
Antti Oikarinen, Visual Artist, Riihimäki
Johanna Rajala, Dance Teacher, Lahti
Marion Robinson, Graphic Designer, Lahti

Presenting Officer

Tuulikki Koskinen, Special Advisor


Sini Paloheimo Voutilainenplanning officer

Arts Council of Häme 2019–2020


Risto Autio, Actor, Hämeenlinna

Other members

Tapani Bagge, Author, Hämeenlinna
Anni Henriksson, Visual Artist, Lahti
Petri Komulainen, Musician, Lahti
Satu Loukkola, Sculptor, Järvelä
Johanna Rajala, Teacher, Lahti
Tiina Salmi, Visual Artist, Lahti
Timo Väänänen, Musician, Lahti

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