All the worlds and adventures that people can experience within themselves – that’s literature.

- Katariina

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National Council for Literature

Each year the National Council for Literature awards approximately 2 million euros in artist grants. Artists grants are awarded to approximately 90 writers and 16 translators, including 45 on five-year grants, 33 on three-year grants and the remainder on one-year or half-year grants.

The National Council for Literature compiles for the Ministry of Education and Culture an annual list of quality literature of small distribution from which libraries order books. The National Council for Literature selects for the list books representing Finnish literature, translated literature, books for children and young persons, comics, Sami-language literature, literary studies, books in simple Finnish and audio books.

The National Council for Literature also selects the recipients of the state prizes for literature and translations. In addition, when requested to do so by the Ministry of Education and Culture, the council evaluates artist pension applications and requests for assistance by writers houses

The Central Arts Council appoints national arts councils for a two-year term. The expertise of members of other national and regional arts councils, as well as that of external experts, may also be utilised in the peer reviews of applications.

National Council for Literature 2021-22


Vesa Haapala, Author, Vantaa

Deputy Chairperson

Maria Turtschaninoff, Author, Karis

Other members 

Marjo Heiskanen, Author, Helsinki
Koko Hubara (until 1.12.2021), Author, Journalist, Helsinki
Johanna Hulkko (from 1.12.2021), Author, Nokia
Maria Laakso, Literary Researcher, Tampere
Jyrki Lappi-Seppälä, Translator, Helsinki
Antti Salminen, Professor, Author, Ylöjärvi
Lotta Toivanen, Translator, Helsinki
Jouni Tossavainen, Author, Critic, Kuopio
Pauliina Vanhatalo, Author, Raahe

Presenting Officer

Ansa Aarnio, Special Advisor


Silja Kulmala, Planning Officer


National Council for Literature 2019–20


Anneli Kanto, Author, Tampere

Other members

Kristiina Drews, Translator, Helsinki
Maria Laakso, Postdoctoral Researcher, Tampere
Peter Mickwitz, Author, Helsinki
Jusa Peltoniemi, Dramaturge, Fiskars
Alexandra Salmela, Author, Tampere
Eino Santanen, Author, Helsinki
Jouni Tossavainen, Author, Kuopio
Maria Turtschaninoff, Author, Karjaa
Pauliina Vanhatalo, Author, Raahe

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