I prefer listening to fast music that makes me happy,
rather than slow and sad music.

- Senja

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National Council for Music

Each year the National Council for Music awards approximately 1.4 million euros in artist grants. Each year artist grants are awarded to approximately 75 artists, over half of whom are on five-year or three-year grants and the remainder on one-year or half-year grants. 

In addition, the National Council for Music awards approximately 2.4 million euros a year in other grants and subsidies for music. Approximately one million euros of this amount is used to support the concert activities of orchestras, bands and choruses. Artists typically receive project grants for purchasing instruments, composing and giving concerts.

The National Council for Music selects the recipient of the state prize for music.

The Central Arts Council appoints national arts councils for a two-year term. The expertise of members of other national and regional arts councils, as well as that of external experts, may also be utilised in the peer reviews of applications.

National Council for Music 2021-22


Elina Mustonen, Artist Professor, Helsinki

Other members 

Jussi Kannaste, Jazz Musician, Lecturer, Helsinki
Piia Kleemola-Välimäki, PhD (Music), Seinäjoki
Olli Kortekangas, Composer, Helsinki
Eero Linjama, Head of Education and Research, Salo
Riku Mattila, Producer, Musician, Helsinki
Jonna Tervomaa, Musician, Helsinki
Tellu Turkka, MA (Music), Joensuu
Milko Vesalainen, General Manager, Executive Director, Lappeenranta

Presenting Officer

Anu Ahola, Special Advisor


Ari Savolainen, Planning Officer


National Council for Music 2019–20


Kimmo Hakola, Composer, Helsinki

Other members

Tove Djupsjöbacka, MA, Helsinki
Jussi Kannaste, Jazz Musician, Helsinki
Maija Kylkilahti, Deputy General Manager, Lahti
Mats Liljeroos, Musicologist, Loviisa
Riku Mattila, Producer, Helsinki
Anna Näkkäläjärvi-Länsman, Musician, Utsjoki
Markku Ollila, Rector, Pori
Eeva Rysä, Musician, Helsinki

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