Performance and
Live Art

Performance is an alternative depiction of life.

- Lauri

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Performance and Live Art

Performance art covers the likes of action painting, happenings, video art and conceptual art. Artists today often combine different artforms, such as poetry, prose, music, dance and theatre. The duration of each piece of performance art may vary from a couple of minutes to an entire day.

Live art has its roots in performances and contemporary theatre, where the key is contact with the audience. Live art performances are characterised by a conceptual and experiential approach.

As they are dependent on place and context, performance art and live art are forms of ephemeral art. Some performances are documented and recorded, and some are also repeated. In some performances the artist involves the audience, in which case is the interaction between the artist and audience is fundamental to the piece.

The Arts Promotion Centre Finland and the National Council for the Performing Arts support performance and live art by awarding grants and subsidies to individual artists, groups and communities.

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