Development programme for cultural diversity and mobility


The objective of this development programme is

  • to promote the understanding of diversity in the arts, intercultural dialogue and collaboration between majority and minority cultures
  • to promote the mobility of artists
  • to develop international networks with a focus on the Northern Dimension and Barents Euro-Arctic Cooperation regions.


This development programme involves regional artists who implement projects related to cultural diversity and mobility throughout Finland in collaboration with actors in these fields. Regional artists offer artists coaching and guidance for working in new operating environments.

Taike is active in international networks in these fields, participates in projects that promote international interaction and the mobility of artists, and supports internationalisation also in Finland.

The development programme for cultural diversity and mobility is coordinated by Special Advisor Tomi Aho.

The following regional artists and arts advisors are involved with the programme:


The programme period is continuous. The focus areas of the programme are reviewed every 3 to 5 years, while actions are reviewed annually.

Cooperation partners

Ministry of Education and Culture of Finland, Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, Sámi Parliament of Finland, National Archives of Finland, Joint Working Group on Culture of the Barents Euro-Arctic Council and Barents Regional Council, National Advisory Board on Romani Affairs, Artsequal, Frame, ResArtis, Globe art point, municipalities and cities, universities, provincial administration, associations and organisations, independent actors.

Examples of projects

Multicultural Insights

This subproject supports artists with foreign backgrounds. It comprises various exhibitions, community art and multicultural events, media competitions and workshops. Community art projects serve as a link between immigrants and the majority population.

The main themes of the subproject are anti-racism and the promotion of equality, as well as working opportunities for multicultural artists.

Contact person: Maija (Maikki) Kantola

International Networks and Intermediation 2018–2020

The objective of this project is to promote the international mobility of artists and intermediaries (agents) by organising low-threshold residencies in strategically interesting countries, as well as to develop international activities also within Finland.

Artists in residence are supported by offering networking assistance in the target country and by tailoring the contents of residencies to the needs of individual artists wherever possible. Foreign residencies also promote interaction between artists and the local population, for example by involving artists in cultural events and organising networking events.

Contact person: Malla Alatalo

Promoting Minority Cultures

This project promotes minority cultures and the status of artists who belong to minority cultures, especially artists with Romani and Sámi backgrounds. Various activities are organised to make art by artists belonging to minority cultures visible also within mainstream culture, as well as to build networks and strengthen a sense of community.

The following regional artists are involved with minority cultures:

Northern Dimension Partnership on Culture

Art and cultural expertise offers numerous development activities to create sustainable and cross-sectoral solutions in the Northern Dimension region.

The objective of this project is to present and test cross-sectoral solution models for tackling common challenges. The objective is also to develop the expertise of actors and expand their professional networks to new interfaces and operating sectors.

The project builds on the social, economic, ecological and cultural sustainability module based on the pillar model of sustainable development. Each module consists of international multidisciplinary seminars, guided workshops and expert lectures within the Northern Dimension Partnership on Culture region.

In partnership with the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Education and Culture.

Contact person: Aura Seikkula Viimeksi muokattu: 28.03.2022


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