Development programme for artistic expertise and mediation

The objective of this programme is

  • to promote and make new ways of applying artistic expertise visible
  • to support the development and organisation of mediating activities
  • to network and bring together parties and actors in this field
  • to provide access to artists' expertise as broadly as possible within society


This development programme recognises and communicates artistic expertise to other parts of society.

The programme involves special advisors and regional artists, who implement projects designed to strengthen the interaction between artistic expertise and societal development.

By being active within multi-professional collaborations, artists can provide their own expertise and creative know-how to different goal-oriented processes. For example, artistic expertise is promoted as part of the development of working life organisations, the solutions for sustainable development and city planning.

The programme develops the competences and professionalisation of mediating activities. Mediators are agents who bring together the expertise of artists with the interests of other sectors, to form collaborative processes that create added value to both parties.

Development work is carried out in continuous dialogue with actors in the art sector while bearing in mind the autonomy and intrinsic value of the arts.


Programme period 1.1.2018–31.12.2022.

The team

The programme for artistic expertise and mediation involves regional artists

The programme is coordinated by Special Advisor Antti Huntus.

Examples from the projects

Artists in Organisations AIO Nordic Network

The Artists in Organisations (AIO) Nordic Network has initiated a collaboration process to bring together artists, agents and developers who are active in developing business organisations through art. The network has been created between Finland and Denmark, and Taike’s main cooperation partner is Artbizz. The objective is to share expertise and strengthen opportunities in the field of AIO.

The network is coordinated by Regional Artist Krista Petäjäjärvi.

LIFT – New Dimensions of Media, Arts & Culture

LIFT is an annual expert forum for media, the arts, culture and the creative industries. The event highlights topical phenomena, creative contents and the relevance of creative expertise. The objective is to promote a boundary-crossing debate in order to create a more meaningful future. The next LIFT event will take place at Kaapelitehdas in Helsinki on 24 October 2019.

The main organisers of this international event are National Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE and Kaapelitehdas, and cooperation partners include Taku ry and Taike.

LIFT collaboration is being developed by regional artists Krista Petäjäjärvi and Iiro Heikkilä.


Supre:Organism is a project at the European Space Agency’s (ESA) and Waag’s Al Lab residence in summer 2019 that is studying the possibilities of living materials and bioart in space.

The Supre:Organism project strengthens connections between the ESA, artists and Finnish space, aurora borealis and satellite research while opening new collaboration opportunities between science, art and technology.

Further information: Regional Artist in bioarts Antti Tenetz

Cooperation with Parliament’s Committee for the Future

Cooperation was carried out with the Finnish Parliament’s Committee for the Future, in which artists and experts in the creative fields worked in the creative space of the Parliament.

Through creative methods and active dialogue, the participants provided a perspective on the status of self-employed individuals in the creative industries and how to develop it, as well as on the key and still undisclosed future challenges for the future of Finland.

The cooperation resulted in the Committee for the Future’s publication "Finland’s Creative Potential: Solutions for the Era of Climate Crisis" (Suomen luova potentiaali: Ratkaisuja ilmastokriisin aikakaudelle).

Further information: Special Advisor Antti Huntus and Regional Artist Krista Petäjäjärvi

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