Frequently asked questions about COVID-19 grants

Answers to questions regarding the latest call for applications for COVID-19 grants beginning on 16 June. 

How do I apply for a COVID-19 subsidy?

Start by reading carefully the call for applications before filling in an application.

On the application, you will be asked for a description of your previous activities in the arts or culture sectors, a working plan, and clarification of how your work and livelihood have been reduced or ceased altogether due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 grants can be applied for using Taike’s online services.

How much is each COVID-19 grant?

The amount of each grant is 6000 euros, which is intended to support three months of your own work during the period 1.9. – 31.12.2021.

Can I work other jobs at the same time? 

Other paid employment during the grant period is permitted. However, if you have a full-time, monthly paid job, you are not eligible for a COVID-19 grant.

Can I apply for a COVID-19 grant if I have received a positive decision during a previous call for applications?

Yes. The decision-making shall take into account any previous COVID-19 grants that have been received, any support that may have been awarded by other parties, the regional distribution of applicants, subgenres within artforms, equality and fair treatment.

What kinds of costs can be covered by COVID-19 subsidies?

These grants are intended to cover the applicant’s cost of living.

Should I apply for support as a private person in the form of a grant or as an entrepreneur in the form of a subsidy?

You can apply for support either as a private person or as an entrepreneur. If you are an entrepreneur, you can choose whether to apply for a grant or a subsidy. If you require support to cover your own living costs, you should apply for a grant as a private person. If you require support for your company’s operations, you should apply for a subsidy as an entrepreneur.

• Grants awarded to private persons for artistic activities are tax-free income. 

• Subsidies awarded to entrepreneurs are intended to cover costs generated by the company’s operations and are taxable earnings.

Do COVID-19 grants affect unemployment support?

As a general rule, an unemployment allowance or labour market subsidy is not paid during the grant period. Grant recipients should check with the payer of such benefits (unemployment fund or Kela).

Frequently asked questions about the application form

Which artform should I select?

Select the artform in which you primarily work and to which the application applies. If the application is not suitable for any single artform, or if it applies to operations in the culture sector, select multidisciplinary art.

Why does my application show 0 € as the amount I have applied for?

The amount you have applied for on the application is ok, even if it shows 0 € as the amount.

What kind of plan for using the support is required?

Describe briefly what you plan to do during the grant period. Describe how you plan to use the grant for your own profession. The plan can include a project, although this is not necessary. The grant period can be used for maintaining professional skills, planning resumption activities, practicing, artistic or creative work, or other similar activities.

After the decision

When will the support be paid into my account?

Decisions about COVID-19 grants will be made by the end of August and the support will be paid in September.

Can the grant period be changed?

No. The period of time during which the grant must be used is 1.9. – 31.12.2021, and this cannot be changed. However, you may select the three working months within this period.

Use of the grant

Working according to the plan you have submitted. You will be required to submit written clarification of how the grant was used by the end of December. You can find the clarification form on our online services. If your plan for using the grant changes, explain the changes in your clarification.  


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