The awarding of grants is decided by the following bodies:

  • National arts councils
  • Regional arts councils
  • Board for Grants and Subsidies to Writers and Translators
  • Board for Public Display Grants to Visual Artists

These decision-making bodies possess a wide range of expertise in the field of the arts, as the members of these bodies are art professionals and other experts. All decisions are made on the basis of recommendations that are presented by Taike’s special advisors (civil servants).

Grant decisions are based on peer reviews made by experts. A regular turnover of members and regional representation help ensure the pluralism of the decision-making process. Members of national and regional arts councils serve for terms of two years, while members of the two boards serve for terms of three years.

All Taike grants are discretionary.

Decisions on state artist grants are made between June and September. Decisions on other grants are made between February and May.

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    • Päätöksenteko

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    • Toimikunta perehtyy ja arvioi
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    • Selvittäminen

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    • Taiteilija tekee selvityksen apurahan käytöstä
    • Selvitys on tehty
    • Erityisasiantuntija tarkastaa selvityksen

Appeal decision

Appeals must be made within 30 days of receiving notification of the decision, not including the day on which the notification was received.

Guidelines for the appeal (available in Finnish and Swedish) will be sent to the applicant as an attachment of the decision.

You can send the appeal and related appendices as attachments. The maximum number of attachments is five and the maximum size for each attachment is 4 MB.

Decision-making criteria

Arts councils review all applications. Decisions are based on the arts council’s overall assessment of applications. Factors that may influence the decision include the applicant’s prior artistic activities and the work plan, which should cover the entire grant period. When reviewing applications for project grants, attention is also paid to the quality and scope of the project, as well as how realistic its budget is. The exact decision-making criteria used for comparing applications are listed in the call for applications.

Regional and linguistic factors, as well as gender equality, are also taken into consideration.

Three- and five-year artist grants are awarded primarily to professional artists who have distinguished themselves within their field. One- and half-year grants are also awarded to young artists and those who are at the start of their artistic careers.

Five- and ten-year artist professor grants are awarded to artists of exceptionally high merit, who also receive the right to use the title Artist Professor.

Library and public display grants

The Board for Grants and Subsidies to Writers and Translators and the Board for Public Display Grants to Visual Artists evaluate each application for a library or public display grant. Factors that are taken into consideration include the previous artistic activities of the applicant, the work plan and other grants that the applicant may have received.

These grants are available to artists who reside or have resided permanently in Finland.

Regional and linguistic factors, as well as gender equality, are also taken into consideration.

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