Invoicing details

Taike accepts only electronic invoices. Our e-invoice address is:

E-invoice address/EDI code: 003702458728027
Operator: E204503 (OpusCapita Solutions Oy)
Business ID: 0245872-8 (the Ministry of Education and Culture)
VAT code: FI02458728

Reference: TAIKE/600006/Lappalainen/Riihiaho

If the invoice is addressed to one of Taike’s regional offices, the following references should be used:

TAIKE/600006/Kouvola/60060150/ Johanna Tillaéus
TAIKE/600006/Jyväskylä/60060151/ Raija Backman
TAIKE/600006/Tampere/60060153/ Tuija Hirvinen
TAIKE/600006/Vaasa/60060154/ Raija Backman
TAIKE/600006/Pori/60060158/ Silja Tuhkunen
TAIKE/600006/Turku/60060160/ Eija Räsänen
TAIKE/600006/Joensuu/6006155/ Tuija Kivilinna
TAIKE/600006/Kuopio/60060157/ Elina Itkonen
TAIKE/600006/Oulu/60060156/ Jaana Pirinen
TAIKE/600006/Rovaniemi/60060152/ Päivi Upola

If you do not have financial administration software for sending and retrieving electronic invoices, you may use free-of-charge e-invoice services. Further information is available on the Finnish Treasury website.

YEL insurance certificate

Self-employed persons must include their YEL insurance certificate as an attachment to their first invoice and thereafter once a year. YEL insurance certificates can be obtained from your insurance company.

Self-employed persons with minimal business activities do not require YEL insurance, in which case compensation is paid as a fee on which Taike pays VaEL pension insurance.


Refunds should be paid to the incoming payments account of the Arts Promotion Centre Finland:
OP Yrityspankki Oyj FI06 5000 0121 5037 74.

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