Check the deadline on the call for applications. Applications must be received by Taike by 4pm on the last day of the application period. Applications that arrive after the deadline shall be deemed late and rejected.

Before filling in an application, please read the call for applications and guidelines carefully. Check the year in which the subsidy is intended for use and draft your project plan or work plan accordingly. Special subsidies must be used in the year they are awarded or no later than during the following year.

Please refer to Subsidies for communities to see what subsidies are available.

How to apply for a subsidy

All Taike subsidies can be applied for electronically with our easy-to-use online services. Applications that have already been submitted can also be supplemented online.

Our online services allow you to view calls for applications and all the applications that you have submitted. Applications should be submitted electronically before the end of the application period.

Logging in to e-services is done through the identification portal. To do so, you can use your own personal bank identifiers, mobile certificate or certificate card.

How much to apply for

Apply for a realistic amount that is appropriate in relation to the planned project. You can also refer to previous decisions that can be found on the Taike website.

Taike do not award special subsidies amounting to less than 5 000 euros.

The amount of operational subsidies is at least 20 000 euros (Festival Subsidies and Subsidies for promoting cultural diversity and combating racism at least 10 000 euros). Operational subsidies may cover a maximum of 80% of the total amount of eligible expenses.

Operational subsidies may cover only a portion of the total funding of operations and not all expenses. If the project generate a profit, you may be asked to return the subsidy in full or in part.

What to include in the purpose of the subsidy

  • Write a clear work plan in the section called käyttötarkoitus (purpose) on the application form and summarise the main points.
  • Explain why your project is good and feasible. Convince the decision-maker of your community´s ability to carry out the project as proposed.
  • Explain the value that the project would have within the artform and for society in general.
  • Mention the exact time of project implementation.
  • Check that your plan gives concise answers to the questions what, how, when, where, why, who with, and who for!

What to include in the cost estimate

  • Prepare a project budget that includes a cost estimate and financing plan.
  • Itemise clearly all the expected income (financing plan) and expenses (cost estimate), which must tally in the budget.
  • Group expenses according to their purpose; the overall sum alone is not enough.
  • Report any income from the project, as well as other subsidies that have been applied for and awarded for the project, along with previously secured income.
  • Indicate the overall project budget even if you only apply for partial funding. This will give the decision-maker an overall picture of your project.
  • If your community is applying for an operational subsidy and organises performances, the costs incurred by performance activities must be presented separately from the community’s other operating costs.

What to include with your application

  • When applying for a special subsidy, you must include your community’s audited financial statements (signed) previous financial period (income statement and balance sheet)
  • When applying for an operational subsidy, you must include your community’s audited financial statements (signed) for the previous financial period (annual report, long income statement and balance sheet), as well as the community’s operating plan and budget for the forthcoming year (one-year operational subsidy).
  • When applying for three-year operational subsidy, you must include your community's audited financial statements (signed) for the three previous financial periods (annual report, long income statement and balance sheet), commynity's operating plan and budget for the forthcoming year, community's preliminary plans for operations and finances for 2023 and 2024, as well as the articles of associations or community's rules if the applicant is a company.
  • The maximum permitted file size for each attachment is 4 MB.

Attachments should not be sent by e-mail. Applications and attachments will not be returned.

Making changes to your application after it has been submitted

  • If your community’s operating circumstances change or the project is cancelled or changes significantly after you have submitted your application, you can cancel or make changes to the application using Taike's electronic services.
  • Also notify us if, after submitting your application, your community has received information about other subsidies that have been applied for concerning the same project.
  • Applications can also be supplemented with additional information within two weeks by clicking on the“Täydennä”link, after which the link will be deactivated. Please contact Taike's customer service for more information.

Notification of decision

  • You will receive notification by e-mail once the decision is available online. Remember to check your junk mail folder. As the applicant you are responsible for checking your e-mail using the address you included with your application.
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