Taike pledge

Our promise to customers and partners


What does it mean?

Taike is an expert and service agency in the field of the arts and culture. Our strength comprises the multidisciplinary expertise of our employees and partners throughout Finland. We demonstrate our expertise by making informed decisions, implementing these decisions and focusing on the agreed policies. We are not afraid to make bold initiatives, and we respect the courage to change and try new things. This is why we are committed also to long-term projects.

How is it manifested?

  • By ensuring that all of our employees have the opportunity to present their own views and talk openly about development needs. We involve both our administrative staff and regional artists in joint development projects and utilise the unique expertise of each individual in issues related to his or her area of expertise. 
  • By recognising the expert work performed by peer reviewers and utilising it in decision making, as well as in policymaking and development work.
  • By inviting feedback from our customers, partners, peer reviewers and employees on a regular basis in order to evaluate what impact our work has had and how we could further develop it.
  • By anticipating future trends in order to keep up to date and to allow us to offer our customers and partners expert service.
  • By complying with the principles of good governance as outlined in laws and regulations for public bodies.


What does it mean?

Taike promises to work to promote the arts and culture. We respect our customers and partners by appreciating why and for whom we work. We believe that listening to and interacting with our customers and partners, as well as trusting the expertise of our employees, enhances their respect towards Taike and strengthens their image of Taike as an expert and service agency.

How is it manifested?

  • We show our respect for our customers and partners by performing careful and expert work for the promotion of the arts and culture.
  • We demonstrate our service mindedness by being easy to contact and by providing advice and assistance in questions related to different artforms.
  • By listening to our customers and partners in order to understand their situation and needs, as well as to keep up to date with events and new trends in the field of the arts.
  • By recognising the impact of the work performed by our customers and partners and by giving properly addressed feedback.
  • We respect the peer review work performed by art experts by maintaining a continuous dialogue between Taike and its peer reviewers and by ensuring good working conditions for members of its art councils and boards. 


What does it mean?

Taike promotes openness by offering up to date and expert information and advice that is available to everyone. Openness for us means the ability to listen and accept new ideas. Non-discrimination and equality are values that are built into our structures. Our operating methods include clear and common practices that guarantee equal treatment for everyone.

How is it manifested?

  • By ensuring that our website and employees have all the latest information.
  • We promote open dialogue by ensuring that Taike is easy to approach. We make it easy for people contacting us to find the most suitable person for each individual situation.
  • By explaining our decisions in an understandable way and by publishing our decision-making criteria.
  • Equality is realised by ensuring that all applicants have equal and sufficient information about the application process and by changing the members of our art councils at regular intervals. We monitor the distribution of grants and subsidies in terms of equality.
  • By ensuring that peer reviewers are familiar with grant legislation, application deadlines and guidelines, and Taike's own policies regarding the allocation of subsidies. We engage in open dialogue with peer reviewers concerning Taike's policies.


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