Taide osana organisaatioita (TOO) Master Class: Jouke Kruijer

to 21.11. kello 13.00 - 16.00

Dylan Milk Ruoholahti, Porkkalankatu 5 (7 krs.)


What is art in business really in service of? What is the price the organization pays and what is the price the artist pays to truly collaborate? What can artists offer that organizations should say yes to, and from what kind of offers should the organizations decline? For an artist what is a good moment to cross the organizational threshold, and when is a good time to leave?

With some 25 years of experience as an independent artist working in organizational development environment, Jouke Kruijer is still fascinated by this mutual attraction of arts in organisations.” I have found the basis for arts in business collaboration to be often unclear and unaddressed. Often there is a lack of grounded dialogue about what it really is that the two parties really have to offer each other.”

Jouke Kruijer is a trained actor and started his career within organizational development in the 90’s in Amsterdam. He built his own company Actors in Business and with the tools of the actor he coached managers, developed forum and playback theatre methods for the service of organizations. After he had painfully withdrawn from the company he had started 15 years before, he graduated with a masters in management consultancy. In 2017 Jouke started an executive PhD track Organizational Change at Hult Ashridge Business School. Now Jouke does action research, and his questions are around the unknown, liminal space, the betwixt and between that we find ourselves in when we move artfully though life.

Jouke Kruijer is a hybrid professional, a forerunner in the scene of arts in organisations. This master class lecture is open for everybody with keen interest to the subject. The event language is English.



The amount of participants is limited and the registration has ended. For the participants the event is free of cost. The event is part of the actions of the Development Program for Artistic Expertise and Mediation, and part of the TOO network actions (Taide osana organisaatioita / Art in Organisations).

For more info (or to add your name to the queue) please contact Krista Petäjäjärvi, krista.petajajarvi@taike.fi.

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