Exploration into Possible Futures 2020, Pt.2 - Age of Ecologies

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Online seminar

Exploration into Possible Futures 2020


Series of open online seminars:

(2/3) Age of Ecologies

Tuesday 16th of June at 14–16 EEST

Open online seminar Age of Ecologies examines how ecological, cultural and resilient change emerges in the circumpolar north. How sustainable development and resilience appear in artistic, scientific and social practices. 
Series of three online seminars focuses on agency, ecology, future and local perspectives in the complex context of sustainability.
The first seminar, Age of Agency / 5th of June reflected on ecological aspects of transient agency in the era of climate change. The upcoming seminar Age of Ecologies /16th of June is following the theme with particular focus on ecologies. The closing seminar Age of Change - Possible Futures /12th of August will explore future in perspective of art, science and local knowledges.
Exploration into Possible Futures -project consists of creative individual artistic fieldwork and research sessions during summer - fall 2020. 
All the seminars are free of charge, but registration is needed in order to get a link to the event platform Google Meets. You can join the event from your computer or phone. Video recording will be provided to all registered participants.
Registration to the seminar Age of Ecology by 16th of June (13.00 EEST) via email: katja.rakkolainen@gmail.com 
Age of Ecology 
Tuesday 16th of June at 14–16 EEST
Moderator: Antti Tenetz, Regional Artists, Arts Promotion Centre Finland
·       Introduction to Exploration into Possible Futures, Antti Tenetz, regional artist 
·       AWARENESS Video work, Arttu Niemelä, visual artist
·       Some thoughts on possible Arctic futures, Markku Heikkilä, head of science communications, Arctic Centre, University of Lapland 
·       Social-ecological resilience in a warming Arctic, Bruce Forbes, research professor
·       Sound practices, Sergey Kostyrko, Artist and Ph.D/Solid Mechanics, associate professor at the Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Control Processes, Saint Petersburg State University 
·      Viiankiaapa - Northern resilience - Solving ecological problems through art and science, Riikka Karppinen, politician and environmental influencer      
·       Q&A
Our speakers:
Markku Heikkilä, MSc Markku Heikkilä works since 2010 as the Head of science communications in the Arctic Centre, University of Lapland. As a former journalist, he has keenly followed the developments in international Northern and Arctic co-operation from its early stages and for this work, he got the State award for public information in 1997. He has written several books on these topics and the latest one, “If we lose the Arctic”, came out in 2019. It describes three decades of the Finnish Arctic politics. At the Arctic Centre, his science communication work includes popularizing Arctic information for various audiences and participating to Arctic related policy work and stakeholder contacts. He also leads the international biannual Rovaniemi Arctic Spirit conferences.
Sergey Kostyrko, musician, PhD and associate professor in St. Petersburg State University with a main interest in improvisational music. He is also a sound artist focusing on science and bioart projects. In his presentation, he will discuss some of the soundmaking and listening practices from the sustainable development perspective.
Main highlights of the presentation: 
music improvisation which considered as a social phenomenon; 
data sonification with examples where studies in neuroscience, cell biology and population migration are merged with sound art; 
field recording and its connection with a soundscape ecology.
Please, check also the following links: 
Bruce Forbes: Professor Forbes has a background in applied ecology and geography in northern high latitudes, with special emphasis on permafrost regions. His experience is circumpolar, encompassing studies of rapid land use and climate change in Alaska, the Canadian High Arctic, various regions of northern Russia, and northernmost Fennoscandia. His approach is strongly interdisciplinary and participatory, aiming for the co-production of knowledge, particularly concerning local and regional stakeholder-driven research questions. He has conducted fieldwork annually in the Arctic for over 35 years.
Riikka Karppinen is an environmental activist, vice-chairperson of Green Party and a municipal councillor in Sodankylä. She started an effective campaign against a mining company at age of 15 to raise awareness of mining industry’s injurious effects on nature. In the online seminar she will give her presentation on topic: Case Viiankiaapa - Northern resilience - Solving ecological problems in through art and science
Arttu Niemelä is a visual artist based in Rovaniemi and active member of Magneetti -Northern Area Culture Association. His video works, live acts and installations concentrate on momentary being and presence. He explores transition between man-made and so-called wild but human influenced environments. With his mobile gear he follows the pulse of urban atmospheres and tracks his vision in the shades of a reindeer path around the northern wilderness. Arttu's short films and short fictions have been shown in several festivals nationally and internationally. 
Video work Awareness is a neuro-cinematic dive into surreal prophecy, where awareness of mankind tries to reach to the heavens before it is too late."In this film I reflect on the human mind, cultural evolution and the state of our world and climate change through an abstract symmetry, mantra type poetry and drastic cutting, to form a neuro-cinematic dive into surreal prophecy. "
Exploration into Possible Futures is a sub-project of Northern Dimension Partnership on
Culture, Creating New Practices of Sustainability – Cross-sectorial creativity in the era of Climate Change -project which focuses on examining four pillars of sustainability in relation to local resilience at north.
Project is based on the idea that art and culture can serve as activators for developing social discourse in an eco-social and cultural direction as a response to climate change. In this transition towards more resilient and sustainable thinking, expertise in art and culture can offer numerous development views and actions that significantly support multilateral regional cooperation.
The end result of Exploration into Possible Futures will be joint artistic-scientific output carried out by Arts Promotion Centre Finland in collaboration with independent curating group FridayMilk/Murmansk, Magneetti/Northern Media Culture Organization Rovaniemi and other partners.

Pääjärjestäjä: Arts Promotion Centre Finland

Yhteistyökumppanit: The project is funded by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland and the Northern Dimension Partnership on Culture. Project is implemented by Arts Promotion Centre Finland in close collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Culture of Finland

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