Exploration into Possible Futures 2020, Pt.3 - Age of Change

ke 12.8. kello 13.00 - 15.00

Online seminar

Open online seminar Exploration to possible Futures - Age of Change examines how artistical thinking and practice open new horizons from local to global change that emerges in the circumpolar north. Speakers of the seminar discuss how sustainable development and resilience appear in artistic, scientific and social practices.

Series of three online seminars focuses on agency, ecology, future and local perspectives in the complex context of sustainability. Age of Agency is the third and concluding episode of the series.


Moderator: Antti Tenetz, Regional Artists, Arts Promotion Centre Finland
o Introduction to Exploration into Possible Futures,
Antti Tenetz 
regional artist 
Arts Promotion Centre Finland
o Change for alternative way of seeing – Artistic thinking in process of building possible futures,
Jaana Erkkilä-Hill 
Doctor of Arts,
Vice Rector
University of the Arts Helsinki (Uniarts Helsinki)
o Arctic view on environmentally engaged art
Maria Huhmarniemi
Doctor in Art
University of Lapland
o The interrelations of environment, art and wellbeing in a sustainable future 
Jetta Huttunen
executive manager
KulttuuriKauppila Art Centre in Ii, Northern Finland

Seminar is free of charge, but registration is necessary to get a link to the event platform Google Meet. You can join the event from your computer or phone, and the registration is open until 12 August 12 pm  (Finnish time) via: katja.rakkolainen(at)gmail.com.



Dr. Jaana Erkkilä-Hill is an artist-researcher who works as the Vice Rector of research and doctoral studies at UNIARTS Helsinki. She also holds professorship in Fine Art at the University of Lapland. Erkkilä-Hill is interested in artistic thinking as a way of alternative, other way of seeing and experiencing the world. As well as conventional research methods she relies on intuition and imagination as source for thinking out of the box and finding new solutions for local and global challenges of contemporary societies. 

Maria Huhmarniemi is an artists-teacher-researcher living in Rovaniemi. Her presentation focuses on environmentally engaged art in the North. Maria will discuss topic in the framework of cultural sustainability, which is seen as a fourth variation of sustainable development or as an aspect integrated into ecological, social and economic approaches. She also ponders the potential of arts and culture to enhance sustainability amid changes in the Arctic and around the globe. ‘Handmade’, agency, and revitalisation are topical themes in the research of art and culture in the Arctic in line with contemporary turn to new materialism and posthumanism.

Jetta Huttunen works as the executive manager in KulttuuriKauppila Art Centre in Ii, Northern Finland. The possible future reveals itself through the activities of Ii especially in the interrelations between environment, art and wellbeing. We wish to create new innovations around artistic and cultural production which gain from the uniqueness of Finnish nature, the hidden potential of rural areas and the global community of artists and art experts.


Exploration into Possible Futures is a sub-project of Creating New Practices of Sustainability – Cross-sectorial creativity in the era of Climate Change -project which focuses on examining four pillars of sustainability in relation to local resilience at north.

Project is based on the idea that art and culture can serve as activators for developing social discourse in an eco-social and cultural direction as a response to climate change. In this transition towards more resilient and sustainable thinking, expertise in art and culture can offer numerous development views and actions that significantly support multilateral regional cooperation.

The end result of Exploration into Possible Futures will be joint artistic-scientific output carried out by Arts Promotion Centre Finland in collaboration with independent curating group FridayMilk/Murmansk, Magneetti/Northern Media Culture Organization Rovaniemi and other partners.

Pääjärjestäjä: Arts Promotion Centre Finland

Yhteistyökumppanit: The project is funded by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland and the Northern Dimension Partnership on Culture. Project is implemented by Arts Promotion Centre Finland in close collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Culture of Finland

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