The Arts Council of Ostrobothnia and Region Västerbotten invite applications from professional artists working in any medium, with a connection to the Kvarken region, to apply for the curated group exhibition and creative project, Homeland. The exhibition showcases contemporary art from both Finland and Sweden and will take place at Kuntsi Museum of Modern Art, Vaasa, in autumn 2014 and Västerbottens museum, Umeå, in spring 2015.

To what extent does the notion of ‘homeland’ matter? To be or originate from the Kvarken region cannot be defined through language alone. Deep cultural associations with geography, territory, natural environment and climate form a part of it. More than just the sum of its parts, it is something intangible and indefinable; an attitude, state of mind, feeling and sense of identity. Setting out to explore this, the exhibition questions the need to preserve cultural heritage, in order to bring forth a more enlightened and conscious understanding of current circumstances.  

The theme of the exhibition stipulates that the artists have a personal connection to the Kvarken region (Finnish Ostrobothnia, Southern and Central Ostrobothnia and Swedish Västerbotten). The project is intended to be process-based and take the artists through a programme of studio visits and workshops (Art Camp) where ideas will be tested and works realized for a museum-based exhibition in 2014 and 2015.

Proposals describing the kind of project you imagine doing and your motivation to apply are to be sent by the 7th January 2013. A preliminary selection will be made by a selection committee consisting of representatives from the organizing institutions and participating art museums (The Arts Council of Ostrobothnia – Norah Nelson, regional artist; Region Västerbotten – Marielle Nylander, arts consultant; Kuntsi Museum of Modern Art – Pamela Andersson, curator; Västerbottens museum – Suzanne Steneberg, curator).

The final selection of five artists from each country will be made by the curator and co-curator.


Torun Ekstrand, curator, consultant, producer and leader of cultural projects. Torun currently works as project leader for Art Line, which is an international art project investigating and challenging the concept of public space. Involving five countries around the Baltic Sea, the project aims to strengthen institutions, create opportunities for artists, and interact with people in public space, on the internet, in exhibitions, and on the Stena Line ferries between Gdynia and Karlskrona.




Norah N Nelson, regional artist in international collaboration at the Arts Council of Ostrobothnia. Norah has many years’ experience as a producer and curator of, primarily, visual arts and photography-based projects in England and Finland. She is particularly interested in collaborative and cross-disciplinary practice, storytelling and awakening the environmental conscience of the public.   



Application form and further information: www.pohjanmaantaidetoimikunta.fi

List of compulsory attachments:
1. Professional CV
2. A description of why you are interested in applying for the project (1-2 pages, A4). This can be written in the applicant’s first language (Finnish, Swedish or English).
3. Visual documentation of a selection of three bodies of work. With “bodies of work”, we refer to the total output of an artist (or a substantial part of it). Please see application form for format requirements.

Deadline for applications 7th January 2013.

All applications must be sent by post to:

Finland – Norah Nelson, Arts Council of Ostrobothnia, Rantalinna, Rantakatu, FI-65100 Vaasa

Sweden – Marielle Nylander, Region Västerbotten, Box 443, 901 09 Umeå, Sweden

Please mark the envelope ‘Homeland’.

Further questions: norah.nelson@minedu.fi; marielle.nylander@regionvasterbotten.se