Plastiglomerate Walks 9.-10.10. Vaasassa ja Raippaluodossa

Kuva: Carla Lange

Tervetuloa osallistumaan yhteen tai useampaan PLASTIGLOMERATE WALK -kävelytapahtumaan Vaasassa ja Raippaluodossa.

Plastiglomerate is a new kind of stone that consists of stone and plastic. We invite you to these walks to engage with the hybrid materials and issues that emerge in a digital time where nature and technology are intermingled.

If you can, bring the plastic waste that you have generated during one day. It might be of use in this process of making plastiglomerates. We will bring plastiglomerates that were made in Iceland earlier this year.

Friday 9th October, Gustavsborg, Vaasa: Gathering at 6 pm where Rauhankatu/Fredsgatan meets Kalarannan puisto/Fiskstrandsparken in Vaasa


Saturday 10th October, Hålören, Södra Vallgrund, Replot: Gathering at 11 am at the postal office opposite the railway station in Vaasa if you want a ride with us. Or at noon at Fort Sommarö if you get there yourself. Please email if you want a ride with us from Vaasa to Replot.

For who: Everyone is welcome for as short or long time as they like, for one or both of the walks! Perhaps you’re a geologist, a designer, an artist, engaged in environmental issues, perhaps you work or enjoy spending leisure time on beaches.

The discovery of plastiglomerates was recently done in collaboration between geologists and an artist:

Questions and contact:

This is part of the artistic research project HYBRID MATTERs: