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Regional Arts Council

The Arts Council of Lapland  is one of Taike’s regional expert bodies and is responsible for the region of Lapland.

The arts council makes decisions regarding the awarding of Taike’s regional grants and grants for children’s culture to artists in the region of Lapland. It also awards the annual Lapland Art Prize. In addition, as an expert body of Taike, it participates in strategy work and provides expert opinions.

The members and chair of the arts council are appointed by the Central Arts Council for two-year terms. Members of other state and regional arts councils, as well as outside experts, may also participate in the peer reviews of grant applications.

Arts Council of Lapland 2019–20


Katriina Pietilä-Juntura, Museum Director, Tornio

Deputy Chairperson

Jussi Siirilä, Author, Kemi

Other members

Jouni Laiti, Lecturer, Inari
Kalle Lampela, Visual Artist, Rovaniemi
Markku Moilanen, Oboist, Rovaniemi
Karoliina Paatos, Artist, Rovaniemi
Johanna Virsunen, Actress, Kemi
Merja Yli-Tepsa, Musician, Sodankylä

Presenting Officer

Ulla Lassila, Special Advisor


Olli Juntura, Planning Officer

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