Funding within the Creative and Cultural Innovation Expertise theme (ESF+) is intended to strengthen the creative industries, creative economy, and expertise within the arts and culture sectors.
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Creative and Cultural Innovation Expertise is one of the national ESF+ themes. Within this theme, funding is available for projects that strengthen:

  • The creative industries and creative economy
  • Expertise within the arts and culture sectors

The total amount of funding available to projects during the 2021–2027 programme period is 13.6 million euros. The ELY Centre for Häme serves as the funding authority for the theme and is responsible for funding decisions.

The first application round ended in May 2023. The next call for applications is planned for the turn of 2024–2025.

Funding for promoting the creative industries

Do you have an idea in mind of how to strengthen the creative industries? Are you thinking about how expertise could be strengthened or employment increased within the field?

Read about the types of projects for which funding was applied in the first application round.

The project criteria are described in more detail in the call for applications (in Finnish and Swedish).

Kuvituskuvassa kuusi violettia ihmishahmoa.
“The bureaucracy related to project management has been eased for this funding term, so even smaller actors working in the right kinds of project networks genuinely have an excellent opportunity to receive funding to promote the creative industries. It is not necessary to be an ESF expert to apply for funding.”
Sofia-Charlotta Kakko

Project Manager, Creative Net

First application round

Application period: 15 March – 15 May 2023
Funding decisions: November-December 2023
Total amount allocated: approximately 6 M€

A total of 81 applications were received, of which 50 were for projects to implemented by one person and 31 for group projects.

The total amount of funding applied for in the first round was more than 20 million euros, whereas a total of approximately 6 million euros has been allocated.

The schedule for further application rounds will be confirmed this autumn once the funding decisions for the first round have been made.

Further information

ELY Centre for Häme, Minna Taipale, Financing Specialist, [email protected], +358 (0)295 025 106

Regional ESF+ funding

Projects within the arts, culture and creative sectors can also apply for regional funding under the “New expertise for working life” theme.

Creative Net also supports those participating in regional ESF+ funding, those interested in applying and those who have already received funding. Application criteria and schedules can be found on the Structural Funds website. 

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