If you have been awarded a grant or subsidy from Taike, use the standard Taike logo in your printed items, videos and other publications. The logos should be used as they are. Changes can be made only with the written consent of the rights holders. More information: [email protected].

Use of the logos

A protected area is defined around the logos inside of which no graphic elements can be placed without the consent of the rights holders. The protected area is included in the logo file. The size of the protected area varies according to the length of the spelling.

Logos should be placed on a monochrome black or white background. A monochrome grey or coloured background is also possible. The colour of the logo (black or white) should be chosen to provide sufficient contrast between the logo and the background colour.

The logos are in four file formats: as print-quality EPS, PDF and Illustrator CS5 files, as well as a PNG file that is suitable for screen-based applications and Microsoft Office programs (one size, height 600 px).

The copyrights for the designs belong to Kari Piippo Oy.