Central Arts Council

The Central Arts Council has a key role as an expert in the art policies of the Ministry of Education and Culture.
Term of office

The Central Arts Council is an expert body of Taike that decides on the roles, names and number of national arts councils. It also appoints the members of the national and regional arts councils for two-year terms.

The Central Arts Council submits proposals to Taike regarding the distribution of funds for the arts and decides on the use of development funds allocated to the Central Arts Council. In addition, the Central Arts Council serves as an advisory body to the Ministry of Education and Culture in policymaking regarding the arts.

The members of the Central Arts Council are appointed by the Ministry of Education and Culture for a three-year term. All members of the Central Arts Council are recognised experts in the arts and culture.

The presenting officer for the Central Arts Council is Paula Tuovinen, Director of Taike, and her assistant is special advisor Tuulikki Koskinen.

Central Arts Council 2022–2025

Juha Itkonen (chairperson)

Ann-Luise Bertell
theater director

Samuli Heimonen
visual artist

Sari Kaasinen

Virpi Kanniainen
museum director

Rosa Meriläinen (deputy chairperson)
executive director

Jussi Rantamäki
film producer

Hannu Saha

Paula Vesala

Taideneuvoston jäsenet.
Central Arts Council 2022–2025. Photo: Lari Järnefelt