From idea to project – Creative Net sparring and workshops

Taike’s Creative Net project provides sparring and workshops for those interested in funding within the Creative and Cultural Innovation Expertise theme (ESF+). Our sparring and workshops provide useful perspectives on clarifying project ideas, co-development and project communications. Events will be held across Finland this autumn.
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Event information

Event date

Wed 20.9.2023 at 09.00 — Thu 16.11.2023 at 16.00

Do you have a project idea in mind that could strengthen expertise or increase employment within the creative industries?

The Creative Net’s sparring and workshops focus on networking, clarifying project ideas, planning project communications and helping to make ideas suitable for ESF+ funding.

Our sparring sessions focus on specific ideas, while our workshops develop ideas together with others.

Autumn events

These events are intended for everyone interested in ESF+ funding within the Creative and Cultural Innovation Expertise theme. During the period 2021–2027, the theme will fund projects that strengthen the creative industries and the creative economy, as well as expertise within the arts and culture sectors.

The first application round ended in May 2023. The Creative Net team will inform about the next call for applications as soon as the schedule has been confirmed.

Our events are held mostly in person and in Finnish, but you can also present your own idea in English.

Further information

Sofia-Charlotta Kakko, Project Manager
[email protected], +358 (0)295 330 912

Milla Minerva Mertanen, Planning Officer
[email protected], +358 (0)295 330 815

Milja Leskinen, Communications Planning Officer
[email protected], +358 (0)295 330 811

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