Information about project grants

Project grants are intended for professional artists and working groups formed by them for individual projects. Private traders may also apply. The application period for project grants is in autumn.
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Project grants must be used within two years, and the project must begin during the calendar year in which the grant was awarded.

When applying for a project grant, select the artform within which you are applying. Your selection is your own and will guide the processing of your application. Read more about selecting the artform.

Decisions on the awarding of project grants are made by the national arts councils.
Project grants may be used to cover, for example:

  • Material costs
  • Production costs
  • Working costs
  • Travel costs/international mobility and networking

Project grants are not awarded: 

  • For completing an undergraduate degree
  • For amateurs or hobby-based projects
  • For non-fiction literature

The minimum amount of project grants is 2500 euros. If the project includes artistic work that is to be covered by the grant, indicate the amount of working time that is being applied for in months. The amount of the grant used to cover work can be calculated as 2000 euros/month.