The Arts Promotion Centre Finland (Taike) accepts only electronic invoices. The payment term for invoices is 21 days net.

E-invoice details for Taike

  • E-invoice address/EDI identifier: 003702458728027
  • Operator: OpusCapita Solutions Oy
  • Operator ID: E204503
  • Business ID: 0245872-8
  • VAT number: FI02458728

Invoices must include the name of the contact person/purchaser and, if requested, an agreement number beginning with VSK1 or order number beginning with V1.

We accept only invoices that are compliant with the European Standard. If, for justified reasons, the company is not able to send an invoice in compliance with the European Standard within the required time, the transition period must be agreed with us separately already when the order or agreement is made.

All invoices must always meet the mandatory requirements for the information content on an invoice specified in the Value Added Tax Act. Further information about invoice requirements can be found on the State Treasury website (link opens in a new window).

Handi supplier portal

We recommend suppliers to register on the Handi supplier portal. The portal facilitates communication and monitoring related to orders and invoicing, as well as making it possible to share a product catalogue and provide an interface to the supplier’s online store. The portal can also be used to send e-invoices.

The Handi supplier portal and support services are maintained by the Finnish Government Shared Services Centre for Finance and HR (Palkeet).

Further information about the Handi supplier portal and support services

To register on the portal, send the following information to

  • Name, address and business ID of your company/organisation
  • Name and e-mail address of contact person (contact person = administrator in the Handi supplier portal)
  • E-mail address for receiving orders from the Handi service

An invitation will be sent from Palkeet to the e-mail address of the contact person for registering on the Handi supplier portal. If necessary, the contact person may add other users within the organisation to the supplier portal.

YEL insurance certificate

Self-employed persons (private traders) must submit an YEL insurance certificate as an attachment to their first invoice and thereafter once a year. YEL insurance certificates can be obtained from your insurance company.

Self-employed persons with minimal business activities do not require YEL insurance, in which case compensation is paid as a fee on which Taike pays VaEL pension insurance.


Grants or subsidies that have not been used can be refunded to any of Taike’s incoming payment accounts. Please enter the diary number of the case in the message field of the payment.

Taike’s incoming payment accounts


FI75 1804 3000 0156 02




IBAN FI73 8129 9710 0112 89


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