Art, Health and Wellbeing Advisory services

The objective of our art, health and wellbeing advisory services is to make the work of artists a valued and natural part of activities that promote wellbeing and health.
Helsingin Senaatintorilla ihmisiä kerääntyneenä suurten jalustoilla seisovien kukkaveistosten luokse.
“Birds of Paradise” by Anu Pentik at Night of the Arts in Helsinki in 2017. Photo: Johanna Vuolasto.

We work to ensure that art reaches those who need it

We provide assistance with planning and launching activities that combine cultural wellbeing and art. We also offer information based on experience and research to support these activities.

Our services can benefit the following, for example:

  • Art communities that want to help their members find employment in the cultural wellbeing sector
  • Communities and companies in the social services and healthcare sector that want to establish cultural wellbeing activities and require information
  • Municipalities that require advisory services for implementing cultural wellbeing activities in accordance with the Act on Cultural Activities in Local Government
  • Wellbeing and health coordinators and parties responsible for proactive cultural work
  • Providers of workplace services in the social and healthcare sector

What impact can art have?

According to research, art has an impact on people’s wellbeing and health. However, this requires that art actually reaches the people who need it. For this reason, art should be brought to places where people do not have access to art and to people who normally would not interact with art.
We have heard numerous touching stories about the power and significance of art in people’s lives.

Find out about Taikusydän

Taikusydän is a multisectoral coordination and communication centre for activities and research among the field of arts, culture and wellbeing in Finland. Topical information about cultural wellbeing can be found on the Taikusydän website.

Expert team

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Isto Turpeinen
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Special Advisor

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Heli Kauhanen
Heli Kauhanen
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Arts Advisor

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Venla Korja
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Artist Expert

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Katri Leppisaari
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Arts Advisor

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