State budget proposal for 2024 proposes 5 percent cut to Taike grants and subsidies

Finland’s state budget proposal for 2024 has been published. Cuts of around 5 percent have been proposed for Taike grants and subsidies compared to the amount allocated in 2023. The cuts do not apply to Taike’s legally mandated forms of support, for which index increases are proposed.

The proposed cuts amount to approximately 1.3 million euros and are based on the index change for compensation related to gambling revenues.

The state budget proposal will not affect the application process for ongoing calls for applications, but the amounts awarded will be smaller for certain forms of support. Taike will make an internal decision regarding the distribution of allocated funds among all the forms of support by the beginning of December. Taike will strive to manage the cuts in such a way that predictability and repeatability are secured.

The proposed cuts do not apply to Taike’s legally mandated forms of support, which comprise state artist grants, supplementary artist pensions, library grants for writers and translators, and public display grants for the visual arts, as well as state subsidies related to amendments to discretionary government grants for developing professional freelance activities within the performing arts.

An index increase in accordance with the Civil Service Collective Agreement is proposed for artist grants. An index increase is also proposed for supplementary artist pensions. Accordingly, the total amount of support to be distributed by Taike next year will increase by approximately 0.7 million euros.